Gators Dockside, Jacksonville FL

Today’s chapter is going to be one of those entries that is more about us and more about life than about a restaurant. Call it an anti-review, if you will, because while I have nothing bad to say about Gators Dockside, a chain of nineteen restaurants in Florida with a location in Jacksonville’s southern suburban sprawl, I don’t have much that is exceptional to say, either. It is a sports bar, pure and simple, and not at all as interesting as our original destination promised. Continue reading “Gators Dockside, Jacksonville FL”

Al’s Pizza, Jacksonville FL

How do you like this? I sort of pipe-dream, considering an ability to get out more, and possibly run up an expense account, of this blog building into a remarkable travel story full of crawfish boils in New Orleans and lobster feasts in Maine, and yet here we have our first out-of-state visit since we started writing about our meals and it’s to Florida, a state I’ve successfully avoided since I was about nine. Continue reading “Al’s Pizza, Jacksonville FL”