Recharging Our Batteries With Barbecue From Athens GA

I’ve written about two of my favorite barbecue places pretty frequently, so I asked Marie to take the reins for this short recap of a day trip back to Athens. Continue reading “Recharging Our Batteries With Barbecue From Athens GA”


Ten Georgia Barbecue Restaurants That You May Not Know

If there’s one thing that I enjoy almost as much as eating all the terrific barbecue around Georgia, it’s reading about it! Continue reading “Ten Georgia Barbecue Restaurants That You May Not Know”

Bob’s Brick Oven Pizza, Rock Spring GA

Some rave reviews for this pizza place sent us a half-hour down the road to find a middle-of-nowhere joint whose owner grows his basil in the shop, makes his own root beer and ice cream, and puts quite a lot of his proceeds back into the community. Continue reading “Bob’s Brick Oven Pizza, Rock Spring GA”

Spencer B’s BBQ, Ringgold GA

I’ve been down on eastern Tennessee barbecue and quick to praise the much better meals that I’ve been able to find all over Georgia. But what about the places just a few minutes’ drive from Chattanooga? Is the state line really all that great a barrier? Continue reading “Spencer B’s BBQ, Ringgold GA”

B’s Cracklin’ Barbecue, Atlanta GA

There were several instances where I questioned whether I really wanted to move to Tennessee. One was when I heard the advance buzz that Bryan Furman would be opening a second location of his popular Savannah barbecue restaurant about twenty minutes from our old house. Continue reading “B’s Cracklin’ Barbecue, Atlanta GA”

Heavy’s Bar-B-Q, Crawfordville GA

Here’s a restaurant in a part of the state we rarely visit at meal time; we’ve usually been on our way to Augusta or Columbia early in the morning, before this place opened, and returning full and disinterested in stopping late in the evening. But since we were working in reverse on this trip, we were able to eat here, and enjoyed a spectacular meal. Continue reading “Heavy’s Bar-B-Q, Crawfordville GA”