Cori’s DogHouse, Mt. Juliet TN

When we were in Nashville in November, our friends encouraged us to visit a popular hot dog restaurant with more than three dozen regional specialties. A couple of months later, we took the long detour and were rewarded with a really fun supper. Continue reading “Cori’s DogHouse, Mt. Juliet TN”


Helen’s Hot Chicken, Nashville TN

For the third stop on our day trip to the Music City, I did something silly. I pulled up our map of restaurants we’ve visited and selected a neighborhood we have not visited before, and then looked for the most promising place for a snack. Hot chicken is always very promising. Continue reading “Helen’s Hot Chicken, Nashville TN”

Elliston Place Soda Shop, Nashville TN

Longtime readers may remember that we have some good friends in the Music City, and that I like to leave a blank or two in the schedule, where possible, to go where they recommend when we visit. Last month, as I’ll discuss in subsequent chapters, I made a return trip to western Kentucky to dig a little bit deeper into the region’s food, and, this time, I brought Marie and our son. I also brought our daughter for a short part of the trip; she went to spend Thanksgiving with some of her family up that way, and all four of us settled down for supper with some of our friends at one of Nashville’s oldest surviving restaurants. Elliston Place Soda Shop originally opened in 1939. It survived a landlord-induced closure scare four years ago, and we hope that it’s around for a long time to come, because it’s really good. Continue reading “Elliston Place Soda Shop, Nashville TN”