Pete’s Coffee Shop, Knoxville TN

Last month, we took a trip through the Carolinas and stopped in Knoxville along the way for some breakfast at a thirty year-old diner that I was pretty sure Marie would enjoy. Here’s what she had to say about it… Continue reading “Pete’s Coffee Shop, Knoxville TN”

Doughnuts in Chattanooga

I’ve never seen a city with more independently-owned doughnut places than Memphis. Atlanta’s no slouch, either, with a whole pile of great places to stop in the morning, particularly in Cobb County. Chattanooga may be a distant third to these cities, but we’ve found some great places for breakfast or a midday snack. Over a few days in late October, we visited three local favorites. Continue reading “Doughnuts in Chattanooga”

Scottie’s Diner, Etowah TN

In the mid-1970s, the eleven-store Scottie’s chain failed, leaving the stores independent. Today, three remain in Tennessee, and we have visited each of them. The last that we enjoyed is actually in the newest building, since they moved from their aging diner to a new place down the road with an eye on nostalgia. Continue reading “Scottie’s Diner, Etowah TN”