Shake Shack Drive-In, Cleveland TN

We stopped by this cute old canopied drive-in earlier in the year for milkshakes while on the way back from getting some barbecue, but I wanted to make another visit to try their food too. It’s pretty basic stuff, but it’s also pretty charming as well. Continue reading “Shake Shack Drive-In, Cleveland TN”


Blue Circle Hamburgers, Bristol TN

For our first of several stops in the Tri-Cities, an area that I very much want to revisit many times, we pulled into a 52 year-old burger joint. For quite some time, this place was the only survivor of a Tennessee chain that was founded way back in 1931. Continue reading “Blue Circle Hamburgers, Bristol TN”

Piggie Park, Thomaston GA (take two)

Just about every photograph on our blog makes me cringe, but the ones that I presented with our original story about Piggie Park, five years ago, are a real sore spot with me. Look! Four white styrofoam cups! What astonishing composition skills I have. Continue reading “Piggie Park, Thomaston GA (take two)”

Pizza Palace, Knoxville TN (take two)

It appears that Knoxville is not on a lot of food lovers’ radars, but this city boasts Marie’s all-time favorite breakfast, at The French Market Creperie, and her all-time favorite pizza, and so, since we visit very infrequently, I kind of want to make sure she gets one or the other on a visit. That way, she’ll indulge my need to drive everywhere and document everything with a brighter smile than usual. Continue reading “Pizza Palace, Knoxville TN (take two)”

Carl’s Drive-Inn, Loudon TN

Last year, we had thought about a fall trip to Knoxville, but it didn’t happen for one reason or ten. Still, I’d put together a small to-do list since it looked as though we’d be visiting the town of Loudon on that trip, and a small canopied drive-in stood out as a must. Well, it’s either a drive-in or a drive-inn; even the building’s own signage is confused on that point. Carl Whited, who passed away in 2012, opened this place in April of 1960. We’re always happy to visit a 56 year-old restaurant. Continue reading “Carl’s Drive-Inn, Loudon TN”