The Original Louis’ Drive-In Restaurant, Knoxville TN

Poor reading led to a misunderstanding, and so we didn’t come to this old favorite for the right reason, but it turned out okay. We made a very neat discovery. Continue reading “The Original Louis’ Drive-In Restaurant, Knoxville TN”


Love That BBQ, Knoxville TN

The last time we were in the area, we ran out of time and missed out on visiting this restaurant. I made sure that didn’t happen this time and we enjoyed a pretty good lunch after our hike. Continue reading “Love That BBQ, Knoxville TN”

Petro’s Chili & Chips, Knoxville TN (take two)

I had planned for us to sample one more barbecue place around Knox County, but our day was too long and we were too late. Plans B and C crumbled and so we hit a reliable old friend for a bowl of chili before coming home. Continue reading “Petro’s Chili & Chips, Knoxville TN (take two)”

Frussies Deli & Bakery, Knoxville TN

When we were in town last year for a food tour, we agreed that the highlight was an amazing sandwich shop catty-cornered across from the Bijou Theater. I decided then that our next trip to the city, we were stopping here before we did anything else. Continue reading “Frussies Deli & Bakery, Knoxville TN”