Doughnuts in Chattanooga

I’ve never seen a city with more independently-owned doughnut places than Memphis. Atlanta’s no slouch, either, with a whole pile of great places to stop in the morning, particularly in Cobb County. Chattanooga may be a distant third to these cities, but we’ve found some great places for breakfast or a midday snack. Over a few days in late October, we visited three local favorites. Continue reading “Doughnuts in Chattanooga”


Gibson’s Donuts, Memphis TN (take two)

Here’s a very short little post for you today, readers. The last time we were in Memphis, we stopped by Gibson’s Donuts on our way out of town, with a light and gentle rain beginning to fall, and I took terrible photos, and we sped out of there as quickly as possible for what would be the beginning of a really, really long and exhausting drive home though a monsoon. With a flat tire. This time, I wanted to try a little harder and capture the fun place, which opened in 1967, a little better. Continue reading “Gibson’s Donuts, Memphis TN (take two)”

Bill’s Donut Shop, Centerville OH

It took us twelve hours, but we finally made it to Dayton. The toddler was unbelievably good for the trip. He whimpered and got frustrated a few times, which was to be expected, but he handled the road trip like a champion, even as we got caught in the northbound sludge of Cincinnati’s evening rush hour, and was rewarded with the awesome and welcome sight of Mommy in the hotel lobby. Continue reading “Bill’s Donut Shop, Centerville OH”

Barbecue and Doughnuts in Columbus GA

There are many small difficulties, none insurmountable, with writing this blog the way we do. Probably the most critical are the time and money factors. Considering that Marie and I each have excellent jobs in Atlanta, and a baby, it is not quite so easy to just take off, explore, immerse and learn in the way we’d like. The added challenge of a busy teenager adds to it. So many months will fly by between my expressing a desire to go someplace and learn more, and actually getting out and doing it. It was November of last year that I resolved to come back to Columbus to find some more places that serve the region’s particular mustard sauce. Continue reading “Barbecue and Doughnuts in Columbus GA”

Gibson’s Donuts, Memphis TN

The last time we were in Chattanooga, we stopped by that city’s children’s museum, prompting me to write a few paragraphs in praise of these fun little getaways. If you’ve Googled your way to our blog because you’d like to read a short thing or two about Gibson’s Donuts, then hit your Page Down button a couple of times. Before I get there, I’d like to reiterate what I said previously for the benefit of our road tripping audience. Continue reading “Gibson’s Donuts, Memphis TN”