Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine, Chattanooga TN

Over the course of the last few weeks, we shared stories from a trip to western Kentucky. This trip was intended to end with a stop at Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine on Brainerd Road in Chattanooga, but we were so absurdly late on the trip that we canceled the stop and came on home. Eight days later, though, we were back in Tennessee to pick up my daughter, and so we selected Sweet Basil as the first of three restaurants that we would visit. Continue reading “Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine, Chattanooga TN”


Bangkok Cabin, Kennesaw GA

A couple of Fridays ago, I asked Marie what she was in the mood to try. She said that she’d like some Thai curry, and I set about looking for a nearby place that we had not visited before. For many years now, even before Marie moved to Atlanta, I’ve been driving past Bangkok Cabin on my way to Big Shanty Smokehouse, which is just two doors down on Cherokee Street. I’ve often been curious about this Thai restaurant and what the food is like, but it’s a rare, rare day when I’m ever going to want Thai over barbecue, and they’re just so close to each other. Fortunately, Marie’s around to give this blog a little more variety. Continue reading “Bangkok Cabin, Kennesaw GA”

Simply Thai, Dunwoody GA

A few weeks ago, our friend Kevin came to town from Washington to see his family, and we met up with him at a Thai restaurant that promises a “hot and passionate menu.” We noticed Simply Thai a couple of months ago when we visited Cafe Sababa, which is in the space next door, and even after deciding that Erawan has the best Thai cuisine that we’ve ever had, we wanted to sample someplace new. So we went out and fought worse-than-usual traffic – turns out that the whole Perimeter Mall area is nightmarish the week before Christmas, surprise! – and sat down to a pretty good meal with our old pal. Continue reading “Simply Thai, Dunwoody GA”

Hot Wok, Marietta GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Hot Wok, a mostly take-out place in rural northwest Cobb County. Now, Grant has never been a take-out Chinese food sort of person, but I am. As a result, if it weren’t for me, the teenager would not get one of her favorite dishes, sweet and sour chicken, more than once a decade or so. Since Grant had absconded for the weekend to make one of his periodic great barbecue tours, the kids and I were on our own and we indulged in comfort food. The place has only a handful of tables, so it seemed best not to risk testing the toddler’s patience with a dine-in meal. Continue reading “Hot Wok, Marietta GA”