AJ’s Famous Seafood and Po-Boys, Marietta GA (take two)

Last week – yeah, I know that some of you readers are kind of used to me saying “two months ago,” but this really was last week – I met up with two of my blogger friends, Malika from Atlanta Restaurant Blog and Lia from The Cardigan Kitchen, for lunch at a really good and mostly hidden place in Marietta. Continue reading “AJ’s Famous Seafood and Po-Boys, Marietta GA (take two)”


Andretti Indoor Karting, Marietta GA

Like many communters driving back and forth on I-75 in Cobb County, I wondered what would possibly move into the big building that had been, for so many years, a huge Burlington Coat Factory. We all watched as the structure was redesigned for Andretti Indoor Karting, including the addition of a gorgeous skylight. I didn’t think this sort of place was entirely my cup of tea, and didn’t anticipate visiting, but Brave, the public relations team that works with Andretti, invited Marie and me to come out with our kids, and we were proven wrong. The children had a completely wild and wonderful time, and even us boring old fuddy-duddies enjoyed a good meal and a thrill or two. Continue reading “Andretti Indoor Karting, Marietta GA”

Dave Poe’s BBQ, Marietta GA (take two)

I’ve been exchanging emails with several readers and writers who have also been noticing, as I suggested in July, that the quality of beef brisket being served in some of the Atlanta area’s barbecue joints has been improving massively. Now this is certainly not universal, and older restaurants don’t seem to quite have that same background of competition-circuit training that is really responsible for the uptick in brisket quality. Continue reading “Dave Poe’s BBQ, Marietta GA (take two)”

Hoboken Cafe, Marietta GA

If you drive west on Whitlock away from the Marietta Square, you’ll soon come to that dying strip mall which is home to the very good Dave Poe’s BBQ. Beyond that is an unusual and very small shopping center, built in a zig-zag style that was briefly fashionable in the late 1960s. Over the years, several businesses that I’ve found interesting have set up there, including a record shop and a comic store. Those are gone, but today, you can find a place to buy vintage video games, and a more traditional gaming shop. Anchoring the plaza on the street side is Hoboken Cafe, which opened two years ago and which I had never noticed before. Continue reading “Hoboken Cafe, Marietta GA”

Kish Restaurant, Marietta GA (CLOSED)

Marie’s father came to town to visit his favorite grandson – and the rest of us, I suppose – and suggested that we go to a French restaurant for dinner. He’s quite pleased to live within walking distance of two dozen restaurants on Saint Simons Island, but you don’t get French cooking in south Georgia. We’re within walking distance – maybe – of a Captain D’s. Marie’s father is somewhat convinced that we live in the wrong place. He’s not the only one. Continue reading “Kish Restaurant, Marietta GA (CLOSED)”

El Pollo Dorado, Marietta GA (take two)

When I first visited El Pollo Dorado almost two years back, that got the gears in my head turning about the repurposed 1969-74 Shrimp Boats buildings, but I didn’t really start thinking about them until I went home that evening. So I figured I should probably go back by sometime and get another look or two at this particular building. Continue reading “El Pollo Dorado, Marietta GA (take two)”

Wingz on Wheelz, Marietta GA

A couple of months ago, I mentioned to my optician that Marie and I have this fun li’l blog and he had an emphatic recommendation for me. He said that you could get a killer hamburger at this little place in a strip mall on Whitlock. I had a devil of a time finding the place because of the cutesy respelling of “wings” and “wheels.” See, there’s a food truck in Los Angeles that beat them to the name, so they respelled it for their own trademark. Once I got that figured out, I saw that they were just a few doors down from Chicken and the Egg. Continue reading “Wingz on Wheelz, Marietta GA”