La Fonda, Fort Payne AL

My mother has moved back to her hometown, giving us an excuse to come visit this authentic Mexican restaurant which occupies a delightful, and familiar, old A-frame building. Continue reading “La Fonda, Fort Payne AL”


Carnitas Carmelita, Chattanooga TN

Three of our readers had recommended this tiny little shack on Amnicola Highway as a great place for authentic Mexican food. I had lunch here not long ago and wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading “Carnitas Carmelita, Chattanooga TN”

Las Morelianas, Hixson TN

One day in March, I decided to treat myself to a very long lunch. I was quite restless, tired of looking at the same walls, and wanted to take advantage of the cheap gasoline for a long drive. I woke very early and put in five hours on the clock, and, at 9 am, took my lunch break. I put a box of books and DVDs in the car and sold them to McKay, 90 miles up the road, and got a couple of really nice and inexpensive treasures and still came out way ahead. Then I drove up TN-153 to the town of Hixson, because Mary from Chattavore had written about a really promising Mexican restaurant and grocery store. It’s called Las Morelianas and it was worth the drive from McKay. Continue reading “Las Morelianas, Hixson TN”

Taquería la Oaxaqueña, Jonesboro GA

One day in late 2003, our friend David phoned me about a promising restaurant near us. He had read in Creative Loafingjust like you can – that this place, then called Cafeteria la Oaxaqueña, was serving a unique treat called a tlayuda. A common street food in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, it is sometimes called a Mexican pizza, not entirely correctly, and served as the inspiration for the tostadas that you see on fast food menus today. Continue reading “Taquería la Oaxaqueña, Jonesboro GA”