Taco Town, Hixson TN

We have visited several Mexican restaurants in town looking for the best tacos. Even though I’m becoming a little weary about going up and down TN-153, our current favorite place is a no-frills joint on Hixson Pike with some great salsas and an amazing cheese dip. Continue reading “Taco Town, Hixson TN”


Las Morelianas, Hixson TN

One day in March, I decided to treat myself to a very long lunch. I was quite restless, tired of looking at the same walls, and wanted to take advantage of the cheap gasoline for a long drive. I woke very early and put in five hours on the clock, and, at 9 am, took my lunch break. I put a box of books and DVDs in the car and sold them to McKay, 90 miles up the road, and got a couple of really nice and inexpensive treasures and still came out way ahead. Then I drove up TN-153 to the town of Hixson, because Mary from Chattavore had written about a really promising Mexican restaurant and grocery store. It’s called Las Morelianas and it was worth the drive from McKay. Continue reading “Las Morelianas, Hixson TN”