Blaxican Mexican Soul Food, Roswell GA (CLOSED)

I’ve been a huge fan of Will Turner’s cooking since the first time we stumbled upon the Blaxican food truck. It’s been a go-to ever since; when we go to food trucks, I’m more likely to want to have a couple of his tacos and that amazing “Mexi mac and cheese” than sample something from anybody else, which isn’t really in line with our mission, but heck, we’re only human. Continue reading “Blaxican Mexican Soul Food, Roswell GA (CLOSED)”


Bartaco, Atlanta GA

A couple of Fridays ago, Marie and the three year-old came down to see me at work and we drove a short distance away for some lunch. Bartaco opened in August in a former industrial space on Marietta Street right at Howell Mill Road, continuing the ongoing prettification of this little stretch, which had been old city blight for such a long time. Going in next door are an Arden’s Garden and a boutique called A Ma ManiĆ©re. It must have been an expensive buildout for the small chain, which is based in Connecticut and has three stores there and one just across the state line in Port Chester NY. Continue reading “Bartaco, Atlanta GA”

Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, Kennesaw GA

We hadn’t been to a Tin Lizzy’s in such a long time. Marie and I had visited their location in Buckhead a couple of times before, when we were dating. As much as I remembered the oddball, tasty, decidedly non-traditional tacos, I also remember some sage advice from a beer company’s poster in the gents’. At the time, I was still smarting from a loan that was looking like it was never going to be repaid. (It wasn’t.) The poster read “If you lend a ‘friend’ a hundred dollars and never see them again, it was probably money well spent.” I felt so much better after I thought about that. Continue reading “Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, Kennesaw GA”

Takorea, Dunwoody GA

Talk about brand confusion! Tomas Lee started his little mini-empire of food trucks and restaurants in 2009, operating with three different names: Yumbii, Hankook Taqueria, and, in 2011, Takorea. They all serve approximately the same food, but for some goofball reason, he decided to give each entity separate names. Now a second Takorea store has opened, in the former home of the dearly missed Guthrie’s in Dunwoody, and the experience is apparently not very much at all like the the first store on Juniper Street, but rather more like Hankook. Continue reading “Takorea, Dunwoody GA”

Teela Taqueria, Sandy Springs GA

One Sunday evening last month, a small gang of us bloggers got together to enjoy each other’s company and talk a little shop, speak of excellent meals, and joke about silly PR stunts. Atlanta etc., Atlanta Restaurant Blog, Burgers, Barbecue and Everything Else, The Food and Me, Food Near Snellville, and Friday Date Night all joined us as we munched on some really good tacos. Continue reading “Teela Taqueria, Sandy Springs GA”