The Big Ketch Saltwater Grill, Roswell GA

Our friends at Southern Proper Hospitality opened a second location of their popular Big Ketch Saltwater Grill at the end of October and their PR team asked whether we’d like to see what everybody’s been talking about. Earlier this month, Marie and I, who have been curious about this restaurant for a while, met up in Roswell for some supper here. Eventually. Not for the first time, amazingly, there was some small confusion between roads named Roswell and cities named Roswell and it took a few minutes for both of us to assemble in the same place. Continue reading “The Big Ketch Saltwater Grill, Roswell GA”


Tin Drum Asiacafe, Roswell GA

Remember how I was just saying literally one chapter ago how I was going to order vegetarian entrees in Asian-themed restaurants from now on? Well, then we got invited to try out the new spring menu items at Tin Drum Asiacafe, available through May, and that had to be temporarily abandoned. Continue reading “Tin Drum Asiacafe, Roswell GA”

Blaxican Mexican Soul Food, Roswell GA (CLOSED)

I’ve been a huge fan of Will Turner’s cooking since the first time we stumbled upon the Blaxican food truck. It’s been a go-to ever since; when we go to food trucks, I’m more likely to want to have a couple of his tacos and that amazing “Mexi mac and cheese” than sample something from anybody else, which isn’t really in line with our mission, but heck, we’re only human. Continue reading “Blaxican Mexican Soul Food, Roswell GA (CLOSED)”

Tara Humata, Alpharetta GA

There was one little period last month where, across three days, we published three stories about Mexican-style food. We wrote about the opening of the Kennesaw Tin Lizzy’s, and then Marie wrote about her trip to a new burrito joint in Athens, and then I shared my trip to the mostly traditional Mama’s in Atlanta. The result, of course, that about the time I clicked “publish” on that third story, I was craving chips and salsa, and didn’t care where I got it. This happens about four times a year. Fortunately, I had some comp time at work and was leaving early to go visit that new Whole Foods in Avalon, and an old favorite was just a couple of miles away. Continue reading “Tara Humata, Alpharetta GA”

Whole Foods Market, Alpharetta GA

I was invited to visit the new Avalon development in Alpharetta, which opens to the public tomorrow and which is the absolute best mixed-use development in the metro area to be named after a Roxy Music album (yes, even better than “Stranded in Forest Park”), to check out the new Whole Foods Market on a little media tour. Touring grocery stores isn’t something that we normally do here, but Whole Foods is just so fun and over the top that we enjoy visiting from time to time. We also like that you can get lots of local and regional treats here, from produce from area farms to craft beers from Georgia breweries to the terrific Nello’s Sauce from Raleigh. Continue reading “Whole Foods Market, Alpharetta GA”