Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish, Chattanooga TN

Signage for this business, whose original location opened in Nashville in 1997 and has been on my to-do list for at least five years, went up on a building near the Missionary Ridge Tunnel last fall. I paced the floor like a caged tiger waiting for them to open. Continue reading “Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish, Chattanooga TN”


Chapter 1400: The Red Snapper, Atlanta GA

Back in April, the venerable Italian restaurant, Alfredo’s, closed after 42 years in business. News of that got me thinking about some of Atlanta’s other 1970s veterans, and the Red Snapper came to mind. The present owners took over in 1986, and date the beginning of the restaurant then, but it certainly has a similar vibe to many of the city’s “timelost” restaurants, and some of our friends remember it being around well before ’86, but we have not been able to nail down a date yet. Continue reading “Chapter 1400: The Red Snapper, Atlanta GA”

AJ’s Famous Seafood and Po-Boys, Marietta GA (take two)

Last week – yeah, I know that some of you readers are kind of used to me saying “two months ago,” but this really was last week – I met up with two of my blogger friends, Malika from Atlanta Restaurant Blog and Lia from The Cardigan Kitchen, for lunch at a really good and mostly hidden place in Marietta. Continue reading “AJ’s Famous Seafood and Po-Boys, Marietta GA (take two)”

Georgia Sea Grill, Saint Simons Island GA

(Marie enjoyed a leisurely weekend on the Georgia coast while I was meandering around the middle of the state…)

Grant scolds me sometimes about the fact that I lived longer on Saint Simons Island than anywhere else before going to college, but nevertheless took years to bring him somewhere he could get fresh, local seafood when we came for a visit. Now, part of this is that my mother genuinely enjoys terribly Americanized Chinese food, and our visits to her favorite place would take up a significant percentage of our available meals, causing my long-suffering husband some degree of frustration. So it is somewhat ironic that instead of going with him to visit Georgia Sea Grill, I went with my mother. And the boychild, who was not exactly on his best behavior. Continue reading “Georgia Sea Grill, Saint Simons Island GA”

The Big Ketch Saltwater Grill, Roswell GA

Our friends at Southern Proper Hospitality opened a second location of their popular Big Ketch Saltwater Grill at the end of October and their PR team asked whether we’d like to see what everybody’s been talking about. Earlier this month, Marie and I, who have been curious about this restaurant for a while, met up in Roswell for some supper here. Eventually. Not for the first time, amazingly, there was some small confusion between roads named Roswell and cities named Roswell and it took a few minutes for both of us to assemble in the same place. Continue reading “The Big Ketch Saltwater Grill, Roswell GA”