Georgia Sea Grill, Saint Simons Island GA

(Marie enjoyed a leisurely weekend on the Georgia coast while I was meandering around the middle of the state…)

Grant scolds me sometimes about the fact that I lived longer on Saint Simons Island than anywhere else before going to college, but nevertheless took years to bring him somewhere he could get fresh, local seafood when we came for a visit. Now, part of this is that my mother genuinely enjoys terribly Americanized Chinese food, and our visits to her favorite place would take up a significant percentage of our available meals, causing my long-suffering husband some degree of frustration. So it is somewhat ironic that instead of going with him to visit Georgia Sea Grill, I went with my mother. And the boychild, who was not exactly on his best behavior. Continue reading “Georgia Sea Grill, Saint Simons Island GA”


Southern Soul Barbeque, Saint Simons Island GA (take two)

Southern Soul is another terrific barbecue joint about which little more can be said, but I wanted to show some pictures from our Christmas trip to Saint Simons anyway, because we all had a lot of food, and it was fantastic. Continue reading “Southern Soul Barbeque, Saint Simons Island GA (take two)”

Barbara Jean’s, Saint Simons Island GA

One of the most inexplicable facts about our dining is this: we had never been to Barbara Jean’s before this stop on Saint Simons last month. The owner, Barbara Jean Barta, opened the restaurant in 1998 and has published a pair of popular cookbooks as well as two additional locations in northeast Florida, above and below Jacksonville. The restaurant is very well known for its crab cakes, and very simply blends the best of both local seafood and nice southern cuisine. I don’t know why we’ve never stopped in before, but we will definitely add it to our rotation of Saint Simons restaurants. Continue reading “Barbara Jean’s, Saint Simons Island GA”

Sandcastle Cafe and Grill, Saint Simons Island GA (take two)

This is Marie, contributing an article revisiting a go-to favorite of ours for breakfast on the Island, The Sandcastle Cafe and Grill. We have possibly visited on almost every trip we’ve taken to visit my family since that initial mention on our blog way back in 2010. Continue reading “Sandcastle Cafe and Grill, Saint Simons Island GA (take two)”

Iguanas, Saint Simons Island GA

Frequently, I am asked – well, okay, never – “How does this whole ‘menu envy’ thing work?” Our visit to Iguanas, the fried seafood palace on Saint Simons Island’s main drag through the village, provided an absolutely perfect example of it. This got a little silly before it finished. Continue reading “Iguanas, Saint Simons Island GA”

Island Pho, Saint Simons Island GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Island Pho, a Vietnamese place on St. Simons. The last time we visited the island, before Christmas, I recall seeing the store front, but it was either closed that day or not open yet. However, it was worth the wait to go this time. My mother and I took the toddler to have some lunch together and we had a very good meal. Continue reading “Island Pho, Saint Simons Island GA”

Mullet Bay, Saint Simons Island GA

For Christmas, Marie’s dad took everybody to supper at Mullet Bay. This is one of Saint Simons Island’s biggest and best-known fried fish palaces. If you have never visited the Golden Isles, and your experience with coastal dining is based on what you see at, say, Mobile, or Panama City, or Hilton Head, then you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the much smaller and simpler Saint Simons doesn’t have row after row of the sort of three-story amusement park-like seafood barns that are ubiquitous around other coasts. Continue reading “Mullet Bay, Saint Simons Island GA”