Southern Soul Barbeque, Saint Simons Island GA (take two)

Southern Soul is another terrific barbecue joint about which little more can be said, but I wanted to show some pictures from our Christmas trip to Saint Simons anyway, because we all had a lot of food, and it was fantastic.

The pulled pork is completely terrific, and very pink. It’s moist and flavorful and very smoky. With some fries and a cup of their fantastic stew, I was completely pleased with my meal. I’ve never once left here less than satisfied.

Above: four of the most awesome sauces of any barbecue restaurant, anywhere. There is a bottle of Hot Georgia Soul in our refrigerator, by the way. We do not get very many opportunities to use it, but when we do, it makes any food tastier.

The thrill of the hunt, finding new places, new tastes and new experiences, makes us incredibly happy. We adore going out and finding new places and perhaps really should do a better job in southeast Georgia than we have. But it’s kind of hard to find the time to tear away from this downright terrific restaurant, home of some of the very best barbecue around, anywhere. If this place isn’t on your own top ten list, it can only be because you haven’t actually visited yet. Do something about that, I say.

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  1. Great pictures! I like that hot soul sauce too. It goes great on the hamburgers I make on my grill (I’m not talented enough for making my own BBQ yet!)

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