Skylight Inn, Ayden NC (take two)

The second day of our trip was pretty disastrous, with hours and hours spent stuck in traffic trying to navigate around roads closed by the floods in the region. But at least it began wonderfully, with breakfast at one of the best restaurants in the world. Continue reading “Skylight Inn, Ayden NC (take two)”


Payne’s Bar-B-Q, Memphis TN

I don’t remember much about that Friday morning in Memphis. Mainly I remember pacing the floor of our hotel, waiting for the minutes to pass until it was finally time to leave and go get some lunch. Continue reading “Payne’s Bar-B-Q, Memphis TN”

Old Clinton Bar-B-Q, Milledgeville GA

One of my all-time favorite barbecue restaurants is Old Clinton Bar-B-Q. We’ve visited their place in Gray a handful of times over the years (not nearly enough, but most recently last Christmas), and I fell immediately in love with their chopped pork, their stew, and their mild vinegar-pepper sauce. They simply do remarkable work here, and I was curious whether their second location, in Milledgeville, was as good. Continue reading “Old Clinton Bar-B-Q, Milledgeville GA”

About “Georgia Barbecue”

Well, now that we’re just a few days away from moving to Tennessee, I’d like to look back at the barbecue in Georgia for a little bit. I don’t imagine this will be anything like a last word on the subject – we will still be visiting Saint Simons Island a couple of times a year and there are pah-lenty of places off I-16 and I-95 that I want to try – but, after many years of doing Marie, Let’s Eat!, where I have written about 391 barbecue restaurants around the south (many chapters still to post), I do not claim – at all – any level of expertise. However, I do believe that I have the experience under my belt, having written about 219 different barbecue restaurants in this state since February 2010 (plus around ten about which we didn’t care to create a story, plus another twenty or so before the blog), to make a few informed statements. Continue reading “About “Georgia Barbecue””

Southern Soul Barbeque, Saint Simons Island GA (take two)

Southern Soul is another terrific barbecue joint about which little more can be said, but I wanted to show some pictures from our Christmas trip to Saint Simons anyway, because we all had a lot of food, and it was fantastic. Continue reading “Southern Soul Barbeque, Saint Simons Island GA (take two)”

Old Clinton Bar-B-Q, Gray GA (take two)

If the road ever does take us away from Georgia to live somewhere else – and it might, it just might – then I will miss Old Clinton Bar-B-Q more than any other restaurant in the state. We made the detour here when we went down to Saint Simons Island for Christmas. I think it was our fourth visit, possibly fifth, and the place is so good and so wonderful that even our teenage girlchild, who has been known to protest that we eat at too many barbecue restaurants by ordering something else, ordered a plate of chopped pork as I did. What a good, sensible kid she sometimes is. Continue reading “Old Clinton Bar-B-Q, Gray GA (take two)”

Bill’s Bar-B-Q, Hull GA (take two)

The only really disagreeable part of this hobby is noting when a restaurant that we’ve visited has closed. It’s especially irritating when it’s a place that we never really gave a fair chance. Many years ago (mid-nineties, I guess), I decided that Bill’s Bar-B-Q in Hull, just north of Athens, wasn’t quite as thrilling as Zeb’s, about twenty miles up the road. Over time, this deteriorated in my dingbat head into thinking it wasn’t all that good. We revisited the place in 2011, and I was half-aggravated about how I gave them a shorter shrift than they deserved, and half-thrilled by how good it was. Continue reading “Bill’s Bar-B-Q, Hull GA (take two)”