Ten Georgia Barbecue Restaurants That You May Not Know

If there’s one thing that I enjoy almost as much as eating all the terrific barbecue around Georgia, it’s reading about it! Continue reading “Ten Georgia Barbecue Restaurants That You May Not Know”

Andy’s BBQ, Eatonton GA

One of the nicest parts of our hobby is stumbling across a place that we’ve never heard of and having a terrific meal. This doesn’t happen very frequently. Most of the great, destination-worthy restaurants that we visit have already been documented by somebody somewhere and end up on our to-do list. We often find good meals without hoopla, but when we find something great, we are left wondering why the heck nobody else is talking about it. Continue reading “Andy’s BBQ, Eatonton GA”

Paradise Country Bar-B-Que, Milledgeville GA

Continuing further north up US-441 outside of Milledgeville, the road took us to a place I’d heard about many years before. If you’ve been reading for ages, you may know that I keep an eye out for a bizarre little bit of clip art of a particular pig that keeps showing up on the signs of barbecue restaurants. Oddly, lots of restaurants go in for images of smiling and dancing oinkers, cartoony and happy to be part of your meal. That’s silly enough on its own, but there’s this one particularly bizarre pig who’s either preparing to cook himself, or the rest of the herd. John Pluta’s group of blogs about restaurants in middle and south Georgia, not presently active but guaranteed to be absolutely fascinating in the future, mentioned this place. I won’t imply that I was in a rush to visit, but at least I knew that if the road was going to take me to Milledgeville, there’d be something else to eat. Continue reading “Paradise Country Bar-B-Que, Milledgeville GA”

Old Clinton Bar-B-Q, Milledgeville GA

One of my all-time favorite barbecue restaurants is Old Clinton Bar-B-Q. We’ve visited their place in Gray a handful of times over the years (not nearly enough, but most recently last Christmas), and I fell immediately in love with their chopped pork, their stew, and their mild vinegar-pepper sauce. They simply do remarkable work here, and I was curious whether their second location, in Milledgeville, was as good. Continue reading “Old Clinton Bar-B-Q, Milledgeville GA”

Hudson’s BBQ, Roberta GA

At the next stop on my little tour of middle Georgia, I visited a place with the silliest mascot I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s a cartoon pig with antlers. See, at Hudson’s, deer hunters are very, very welcome. There are dozens of mounted trophies all over the interior walls and a very large lunch crowd. Hunting is very popular on Saturday mornings in Crawford County, and Hudson’s is where everybody comes after a morning in the woods. The place was packed, and I think that I was very, very clearly the only non-regular here on this visit. Continue reading “Hudson’s BBQ, Roberta GA”