Cleve Edmunds Bar-B-Que, Augusta GA

It had only been about three months since I had some barbecue in Georgia. (It had only been about twenty-four hours since I had barbecue at the Skylight Inn, but that’s not relevant right now.) I’d been hoping to find great barbecue in Tennessee and had been failing so spectacularly that I couldn’t wait to get some good Georgia barbecue again, and this delightful old place did not let me down. Continue reading “Cleve Edmunds Bar-B-Que, Augusta GA”


Dennis’ Bar-B-Q, Hephzibah GA

A few chapters ago, as I started this series about our trip to South Carolina, I noted that very few of us in the blogging hobby have written much about Augusta. It’s kind of odd, really. Augusta has been in a tug-of-war with Columbus for as long as I can remember about which is the second-biggest city in the state. Wikipedia tells us that as of 2012, Augusta is the third-largest city, but the second-largest metro area, so neener neener, Muscogee County. I kid, but seriously, the region is badly, badly underrepresented in our hobby, which is why my friend Keith’s thread about the area on is so welcome. Continue reading “Dennis’ Bar-B-Q, Hephzibah GA”

Hildebrandt’s, Augusta GA

Over on the forums at, one of our readers, Keith, started one of the most entertaining threads that this fun site has ever had. He noted that food writers and hobbyists had not really covered the restaurants in eastern Georgia very well and decided to do something about that with a fabulous ongoing collection of them there. The thread is called Augusta, Georgia just ain’t no place to be… and you really should check it out. He’s found some great places, both newer and, in some cases, very old. Hildebrandt’s is probably the oldest of them. It opened 136 years ago and is still in family hands. Continue reading “Hildebrandt’s, Augusta GA”

BBQ Barn, North Augusta SC

It probably won’t surprise any of our regular readers when I say that the Augusta area has always proven to be a little challenging for us here at the old blog. As we don’t yet have any friends in this area, and as the city seems bound and determined to not show off any book shops or record stores that demand our attention, it’s always been a town that we pass through, while simultaneously a town that rolls up the sidewalks pretty early. In point of fact, the last time we were in Augusta, we found the restaurant that we intended to visit, Wright’s BBQ on Barton Chapel Road, closed two hours before the sign on the door said they were going to turn out the lights. Continue reading “BBQ Barn, North Augusta SC”

Photo Post 8: The Sno-Cap at Sunset

Slightly omitted from the previous chapter was the reality that this trip to Columbia was not a complete success at all, especially on the wallet. The previous day, I had my tires rotated, and I then celebrated our arrival at the children’s museum by mounting the curb and blowing one of them. At first, I would have said that Columbia’s not a good city to be looking for obscure tires for a weird little Mazda on a Saturday afternoon, but then I got home and looked up my tires and learned that I was lucky to find one at all. Even the big Kaufmann Tires chain has only three in all of Georgia. Anyway, I drove around and around. Businesses started closing and I was hobbling around on the spare doughnut going from store to store looking for something to use. It took two and a half hours to find the tire, then I collected Marie and the baby, and hit the three restaurants that we wanted to see. Continue reading “Photo Post 8: The Sno-Cap at Sunset”

Mot’s Bar-B-Que, Augusta GA

We’ve come to the end of our 520-mile road trip. The seventh and final stop of the day, or night, as it were, came a little north of Augusta, between the suburbs of Martinez and Evans at a business that had a different name than what I was expecting. It’s called Mot’s Bar-B-Que, but in one of those silly little Urbanspoon quirks, it was, for some reason, misidentified there as simply “Motty.” Continue reading “Mot’s Bar-B-Que, Augusta GA”