A Georgia Barbecue Circumnavigation

Over the last two days, we drove 720 miles to have ten very quick visits at some very good restaurants, every last one of them better and more satisfying to me than anything we found within a lunch drive locally. I wanted to get out and recharge my batteries again, so we left Chattanooga a little after eight on Friday morning and started the day with lunch at Sprayberry’s BBQ in Newnan, which opened 95 years ago, in 1926. Continue reading “A Georgia Barbecue Circumnavigation”


Righting Wrongs: Our June 2019 Barbecue Road Trip

When we were much more ravenous about collecting content, we often only had the opportunity to visit a distant restaurant one time and form an opinion on what might not have been a good day for the place. Earlier this month, we spent three days on the road eating barbecue, and one of my goals was to give a couple of restaurants another opportunity to amaze me in the same way that they’ve amazed so many other happy customers. It was a big success. Continue reading “Righting Wrongs: Our June 2019 Barbecue Road Trip”

About “Georgia Barbecue”

Well, now that we’re just a few days away from moving to Tennessee, I’d like to look back at the barbecue in Georgia for a little bit. I don’t imagine this will be anything like a last word on the subject – we will still be visiting Saint Simons Island a couple of times a year and there are pah-lenty of places off I-16 and I-95 that I want to try – but, after many years of doing Marie, Let’s Eat!, where I have written about 391 barbecue restaurants around the south (many chapters still to post), I do not claim – at all – any level of expertise. However, I do believe that I have the experience under my belt, having written about 219 different barbecue restaurants in this state since February 2010 (plus around ten about which we didn’t care to create a story, plus another twenty or so before the blog), to make a few informed statements. Continue reading “About “Georgia Barbecue””

Automatic Pizza, Athens GA

We’ve written stories about Athens many, many times over the years, and all of the most recent ones include a bit where we suggest that our readers with kids take them by the World of Wonder playground at Southeast Clarke Park. So, let this be the last time. After we had some barbecue at Butt Hutt, we came here to let our son play for an hour and a half, and then pulled up our friend Hillary’s column in the weekly paper, Flagpole. It’s called Grub Notes and everybody interested in visiting Athens should read it for some good food ideas. I had a mind to try one of the newer pizza places in town. Marie and our son agreed, and so, after a stop at Tyche’s Games to look at Munchkin expansions and packs, we drove back over to Prince Avenue. Continue reading “Automatic Pizza, Athens GA”

The Butt Hutt, Athens GA (take two)

Regular readers may know that I have a lot of interest in great barbecue regions and cities, despite the unfortunately large number of them I’ve yet to visit. I think Memphis deserves just about every word of praise that it’s received; it’s home to two of my ten favorite barbecue restaurants, which are my favorite two in all of Tennessee so far. I’ve spent a lot less time in Lexington NC, but the three joints that I have visited there are each fantastic. Continue reading “The Butt Hutt, Athens GA (take two)”