Automatic Pizza, Athens GA

We’ve written stories about Athens many, many times over the years, and all of the most recent ones include a bit where we suggest that our readers with kids take them by the World of Wonder playground at Southeast Clarke Park. So, let this be the last time. After we had some barbecue at Butt Hutt, we came here to let our son play for an hour and a half, and then pulled up our friend Hillary’s column in the weekly paper, Flagpole. It’s called Grub Notes and everybody interested in visiting Athens should read it for some good food ideas. I had a mind to try one of the newer pizza places in town. Marie and our son agreed, and so, after a stop at Tyche’s Games to look at Munchkin expansions and packs, we drove back over to Prince Avenue. Continue reading “Automatic Pizza, Athens GA”


Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market, Athens GA

Readers have been telling us for ages that we need to try Heirloom Cafe, a farm-to-table place on Chase Street in Athens. We finally made it over there on our trip to the Classic City before Christmas. I didn’t realize that the restaurant had moved into a long-closed Amoco gas station. They even kept the old “torch and oval” sign! Continue reading “Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market, Athens GA”

The White Tiger Gourmet, Athens GA (take two)

So what do you get when you mix a hundred-some old grocery store building in Athens’ old mill community around Hiawassee and Boulevard with a Culinary Institute of America grad, Ken Manring? You get the best burger in Athens for the last several years. I made my fourth visit to White Tiger Gourmet during last month’s trip to Athens, and wanted to tell all you good readers again how terrific the burgers here are. (Here’s our original story, from June 2010.) Continue reading “The White Tiger Gourmet, Athens GA (take two)”

Harry’s Pig Shop (CLOSED) and The Taco Stand, Athens GA

Well, it took me a little while to get over to Harry’s Pig Shop. I had been wanting to visit for quite a while now, but I don’t just go to Athens every day, and when I do, I’d like to occasionally try something other than barbecue. There are quite a few good restaurants around that town, you know. Nevertheless, I moved it up my to-do list a couple of months ago after I read the good writeup at Buster’s BBQ Blog. Continue reading “Harry’s Pig Shop (CLOSED) and The Taco Stand, Athens GA”

Sr. Sol, Athens GA

Two weeks after he was born, Marie and I took a trip to Athens to show off the baby. A month later, we made a somewhat more low-key trip to just visit a new-to-me restaurant and swing by the place where Marie and I used to work to see some old co-workers and friends. She and I did not start dating until 2006, but we first met around 1995 or so. I left that job in the spring of 2000 and she eight years later. Naturally, darn near all the people that I knew have moved on in the last eleven years since I was there, but I did get to speak with four people from all that time ago. Continue reading “Sr. Sol, Athens GA”

Allen’s, Athens GA (CLOSED)

Last week, I went down to Allen’s for a twenty-five cent beer. I didn’t get one. Honestly, you’d think, having been immortalized in song thusly, a place would keep its drink specials. Even if the song was twenty years old and reflected on a scene that was a decade and change in the past already. Continue reading “Allen’s, Athens GA (CLOSED)”

Ike & Jane, Athens GA

This past Wednesday, I practiced my notion of visiting Athens and enjoying two small meals, at least one of which I can write up for this blog, on either side of spending a couple of hours downtown visiting friends and buying comic books. For this trip, I had a small sandwich and a bowl of chicken mull at the Butt Hutt, about which I wrote in July, and then moseyed over to Ike & Jane on Prince Avenue on my way out of town for a devilishly decadent treat. Continue reading “Ike & Jane, Athens GA”