Last Call for Boarding on the Pizza Diner

A couple of weeks ago, we reached an incredibly weird little milestone for our blog. Sadly, we’ve eaten at many restaurants that have closed after we’ve eaten there. But never before – and, we hope, never again – have we eaten at a restaurant that closed while we were eating there! Continue reading “Last Call for Boarding on the Pizza Diner”


If I Only Had a TARDIS

So here’s a silly April Fool’s Day look at what I’d do if I could traverse time and space for a few meals. Here are some real places, sadly lost to time, that I either genuinely miss or never got the opportunity to try, and I could perhaps revisit with the assistance of a good time machine. I’ll take a stolen Type 40 that answers to the name “Sexy,” please. Continue reading “If I Only Had a TARDIS”

The Colonel’s Mini-Mart, Henderson KY (CLOSED)

At the beginning of June, I had the tremendous pleasure and very good fortune to enjoy the breathtakingly good fried chicken at The Colonel’s Mini-Mart, just outside of Henderson KY. The good fortune came in arranging the opportunity to eat here before the storied restaurant shut down for good just eight days later. Continue reading “The Colonel’s Mini-Mart, Henderson KY (CLOSED)”

Rooter’s BBQ, Athens GA (CLOSED)

Last month, I was writing about how Brunswick stew in Georgia can contain any ingredient under the sun. We’ve found it at dozens of places around our state and tasted all sorts of recipes, but the diced sausage in the stew at Rooter’s was a very pleasant surprise. I don’t think I’ve ever had sausage in stew before! Technically speaking, however, this isn’t Brunswick stew, but rather “Bundrick stew.” That’s the family name of one of the owners of Rooter’s BBQ on Whitehall Road in Athens, and their lovely old recipe. It was delicious sausage, and really changed the flavor of the stew from what I was expecting. Isn’t it nice to find new things? Continue reading “Rooter’s BBQ, Athens GA (CLOSED)”

Remembering The Mean Bean, Athens GA

My favorite restaurant in the entire world closed more than five years ago, in January 2009. Here is a farewell that I wrote for it a few days later, about a year before we began writing our blog. I was reminded of it when Cinco y Diez closed last month, and I realized that I’ve been to Athens so few times in the last ten months that I never found the opportunity to try it. Cinco y Diez was located across the parking lot from where the Five Points Mean Bean had been located. The former location has been home, for several years, to The Royal Peasant. Continue reading “Remembering The Mean Bean, Athens GA”

Mojo Burrito, Dunwoody GA (CLOSED)

A few chapters back, I playfully insisted that we don’t think of ourselves as experts in much of anything, and yet Marie and I are frequently asked for dining suggestions, especially from acquaintances and co-workers who are going out of town. Chattanooga is a fairly regular destination for people whom we know, and I always include Mojo Burrito in my suggestions. I don’t believe that it gets a whole lot of visits, though. People seem very willing to try different barbecue or pizza places in other towns, which is good, but how many different ways are there to make burritos? Continue reading “Mojo Burrito, Dunwoody GA (CLOSED)”