Dave’s Philly & Water Ice, Atlanta GA

I was very happy to visit Dave’s Philly in, heh, “Dorawoodyville” last month and enjoy a really terrific cheesesteak, because honestly, the quality of these sandwiches in Atlanta has slipped. It was great to have a sandwich that was every bit as good as the best that I’ve had previously. Continue reading “Dave’s Philly & Water Ice, Atlanta GA”


Memphis BBQ Company, Dunwoody GA

Last month, Marie and I were invited to visit Memphis BBQ Company, which opened last year in a great big space in Dunwoody that had previously been the home of a British-themed pub called Firkin & Gryphon, and, for many years before that, a Smokey Bones. It looks like too large a space for a barbecue restaurant in Atlanta. Acknowledging that Jim ‘n Nick’s has done pretty well here, quite a few other large-store chains, including Famous Dave’s, Corky’s and indeed Smokey Bones, have all failed in this market, and Sonny’s seems to have closed as many stores as they’ve opened. On the other hand, Melissa Cookston, the owner of this restaurant, has a very small-growth approach to her chain. The Atlanta store is only the third, and while she is considering a fourth and looking at spaces around the southeast, right now her focus is on this market. Continue reading “Memphis BBQ Company, Dunwoody GA”

Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, Dunwoody GA

This is Marie, contributing a short article about Tin Lizzy’s new lobster taco. Tin Lizzy’s has been growing pretty steadily since they opened their first store in 2005. They now have nine locations around Atlanta, and. since our last story about them, they have added their first out-of-town store, in Augusta GA. Next month, they plan to open in Columbia SC. Continue reading “Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, Dunwoody GA”

Cơm Dunwoody Vietnamese Grill Fusion, Dunwoody GA

It’s always interesting to visit two restaurants as determinedly different as the two locations of Cơm in Atlanta are. We had dinner with some friends at the Buford Highway location in late 2013 and really enjoyed it. It seems like a mostly traditional menu, comparable to many of the other Vietnamese restaurants in the area, and they serve a shaking chicken dish that Marie still considers one of, if not the outright best, of any meal she’s had at any Buford Highway restaurant. Continue reading “Cơm Dunwoody Vietnamese Grill Fusion, Dunwoody GA”

First Watch, Dunwoody GA

All things being equal, I’d be happy to sit down to a plate of barbecue at ten on a Saturday, but that’s not always an option. Some people embrace this whole “brunch” idea. In fact, considerably more people seem to be interested in brunch at that hour than barbecue. It’s for those teeming millions that the Sarasota FL-based chain First Watch, with more than a hundred stores in 14 states, moved into Atlanta in late 2012, fighting for the same omelet-loving demographic as the locally-based J. Christopher’s, and some other small chains like Another Broken Egg Cafe, which, at the very least, has a great name. Continue reading “First Watch, Dunwoody GA”

Simply Thai, Dunwoody GA

A few weeks ago, our friend Kevin came to town from Washington to see his family, and we met up with him at a Thai restaurant that promises a “hot and passionate menu.” We noticed Simply Thai a couple of months ago when we visited Cafe Sababa, which is in the space next door, and even after deciding that Erawan has the best Thai cuisine that we’ve ever had, we wanted to sample someplace new. So we went out and fought worse-than-usual traffic – turns out that the whole Perimeter Mall area is nightmarish the week before Christmas, surprise! – and sat down to a pretty good meal with our old pal. Continue reading “Simply Thai, Dunwoody GA”

Marlow’s Tavern, Dunwoody GA

Marie and I were invited to visit Marlow’s Tavern and sample their winter menu. This local chain continues to impress us with their slow and careful expansion, with the quality of their food, and with the very fresh rotations of their menu. It changes twice a year, but it doesn’t have a simple A- and B- menu. Each new rollout with summer- and winter-themed selections is a little different, with executive chef John Metz tweaking last year’s popular choices. Continue reading “Marlow’s Tavern, Dunwoody GA”