Cafe Sababa, Dunwoody GA

It was another one of those Friday evenings where I could have stayed home and not dealt with traffic any more, but the 5:00 news report on the northbound drive was grim and Marie has a worse commute than I do every day anyway, so I told her to stay put, and we’d come pick her up for supper. I mentioned to the girlchild that I was thinking about a Mediterranean restaurant and she balked at going out. Continue reading “Cafe Sababa, Dunwoody GA”

Viceroy Royal Indian Dining, Dunwoody GA

So Marie was out of town with our son, and, as regular readers might recall, she doesn’t particularly care for Indian food. I dropped our friends Helen and Vincent a line. “We can eat all the Indian food we want!” I had a couple of places in mind that I wanted to try, but Helen said that I’d been avoiding one of her favorite Atlanta-area Indian restaurants, Viceroy in Dunwoody, long enough. They are best known for their weekend lunch buffets, but we came in the evening and ordered enough food between the three of us – thanks to a pair of sampler platters – that we effectively made a buffet of our own. Continue reading “Viceroy Royal Indian Dining, Dunwoody GA”

Mojo Burrito, Dunwoody GA (CLOSED)

A few chapters back, I playfully insisted that we don’t think of ourselves as experts in much of anything, and yet Marie and I are frequently asked for dining suggestions, especially from acquaintances and co-workers who are going out of town. Chattanooga is a fairly regular destination for people whom we know, and I always include Mojo Burrito in my suggestions. I don’t believe that it gets a whole lot of visits, though. People seem very willing to try different barbecue or pizza places in other towns, which is good, but how many different ways are there to make burritos? Continue reading “Mojo Burrito, Dunwoody GA (CLOSED)”

Takorea, Dunwoody GA

Talk about brand confusion! Tomas Lee started his little mini-empire of food trucks and restaurants in 2009, operating with three different names: Yumbii, Hankook Taqueria, and, in 2011, Takorea. They all serve approximately the same food, but for some goofball reason, he decided to give each entity separate names. Now a second Takorea store has opened, in the former home of the dearly missed Guthrie’s in Dunwoody, and the experience is apparently not very much at all like the the first store on Juniper Street, but rather more like Hankook. Continue reading “Takorea, Dunwoody GA”

The Pub Perimeter, Dunwoody GA

Last month, Marie and I were invited to a soft opening event for Perimeter Mall’s newest restaurant. Well, it was newest for a short time; we understand that a new Varasano’s Pizzeria is coming to the mall in a couple of weeks. Anyway, The Pub is a small chain based in Cincinnati (this is their twelfth store, and first Georgia location) that has the design of a traditional English pub, with appropriate posters and prints on the walls to give you the full British immersion experience. Henry VIII and the London Underground. The Beatles and The Who. Muse and Radiohead. Bangers and mash. Servers in kilts. It’s Six Flags Over London, guv’nah. Stone the crows, the missus’ll never believe this ‘un. Continue reading “The Pub Perimeter, Dunwoody GA”

Grecian Gyro, Dunwoody GA

As soon as I realized that one of the five Grecian Gyro locations was just one exit away from Marie’s work, I schemed to get over there and have supper. Every once in a while, I like to go pick her up from work and spare her the awful, lonely, Friday evening commute home. She certainly seems pleased to have me and, often, at least one of the children pull up to give her the break. Unfortunately, on this instance, the toddler fell asleep on the way to Dunwoody. We had a bad feeling that he was going to be a Mr. Crankypants when he woke, and we were right. Continue reading “Grecian Gyro, Dunwoody GA”

Alison’s Restaurant, Dunwoody GA (take two) (CLOSED)

Three Fridays back, we invited some bloggers to join us for another visit to Alison’s Restaurant in Dunwoody (see our original post about this good place, from back in May, here). I think that this is a simply splendid little neighborhood spot, the home of some classic Southern comfort food in a very nice setting with excellent service. But on this trip, Alison pulled out some secret weapons that elevate her restaurant from splendid to must-visit: the fried green tomatoes here are downright amazing, to say nothing of the pot pies. Continue reading “Alison’s Restaurant, Dunwoody GA (take two) (CLOSED)”