Masti, Atlanta GA

Marie is so unpredictable. She says that she doesn’t care for Indian food, but she really, really enjoyed the Bangladeshi cuisine at Purnima. So I thought that I found a pretty interesting possibility to please her in Masti, which opened earlier this year in Toco Hills, in the space vacated by Osteria Cibo Rustica, and advertises that it’s “fun” Indian. Continue reading “Masti, Atlanta GA”


Panahar Bangladeshi Restaurant, Atlanta GA

Panahar, which for many years was the only Bangladeshi restaurant in the Atlanta area, had been on my to-do list for quite some time. It had been sitting there for so long that another Bangladeshi restaurant, Purnima, opened since I’ve been saying I needed to get over here. Purnima had really impressed all of us who visited. What were the odds that the lunch buffet at the venerable Panahar would please me as much? Continue reading “Panahar Bangladeshi Restaurant, Atlanta GA”

Purnima, Chamblee GA

I’ve been trying for years to get Marie to sample and enjoy Indian food, with no luck. Not even Chai Pani, our city’s (and Asheville’s!) best Indian restaurant, thrills her. So last month, she and Marilyn from Atlanta etc. were tossing around ideas for a Saturday lunch and settled, to my considerable surprise, on Purnima. It’s a Bangladeshi restaurant, which sounds pretty darn close to Indian to me. I double-checked a map of Asia and raised an eyebrow. Continue reading “Purnima, Chamblee GA”

Calcutta Palate, Doraville GA (CLOSED)

A few weeks back, while Marie was working, I left the kids at home and went to join our friends Helen and Vincent, and Adam and Emily from Spatialdrift, at Calcutta Palate, an Indian restaurant that’s located right next door to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market just outside the perimeter. I’ve often been surprised that there are not more Indian buffets along Buford Highway; while there are several dozen Indian restaurants in the Atlanta metro, this is among the least well represented among all the cuisines of the world on this particular corridor. Continue reading “Calcutta Palate, Doraville GA (CLOSED)”

Viceroy Royal Indian Dining, Dunwoody GA

So Marie was out of town with our son, and, as regular readers might recall, she doesn’t particularly care for Indian food. I dropped our friends Helen and Vincent a line. “We can eat all the Indian food we want!” I had a couple of places in mind that I wanted to try, but Helen said that I’d been avoiding one of her favorite Atlanta-area Indian restaurants, Viceroy in Dunwoody, long enough. They are best known for their weekend lunch buffets, but we came in the evening and ordered enough food between the three of us – thanks to a pair of sampler platters – that we effectively made a buffet of our own. Continue reading “Viceroy Royal Indian Dining, Dunwoody GA”

The Unfair, Fickle Finger of Festival Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend, we sampled a couple of new-to-us restaurants, but we did so under the chaos of festivals and conventions, when nobody is at their best. With that in mind, I thought I’d break up the routine by running down all the dining out that we did over the weekend, both new places and old favorites. Continue reading “The Unfair, Fickle Finger of Festival Weekend”

Bloggers Invade Chai Pani

Here’s another thing that happened while we were in Asheville. While we were enjoying a little picnic lunch on Wall Street, I noticed the big sign for Chai Pani on the back of the Battery Park building where they’re located. I had planned to have lunch at Mediterranean Restaurant, and almost abandoned that plan to go have a big indulgence at my favorite Indian place instead. Then I remembered that I’d be having supper at Chai Pani’s Atlanta-area store in Decatur just a few days later and came to my senses. Continue reading “Bloggers Invade Chai Pani”