Union Hill Kitchen, Chamblee GA

Back in April, Marie and I, along with the then-three year-old, went looking to get into trouble with Sandy from Bella Vivere, and decided that maybe just going out to eat would be more sensible than starting a riot or something. She suggested Union Hill Kitchen, and we met there for a rather good dinner. Continue reading “Union Hill Kitchen, Chamblee GA”


Pollo d’el Rey, Chamblee GA

One of the older little strip centers on Buford Highway, on the left if you’re going south inside the perimeter, has been home to a Domino’s Pizza – sorry, we’re not allowed to call them that anymore, they’re just Domino’s – for thirty years. Since Buford Highway is constantly changing and evolving, even more than most corridors in Atlanta – at least five of the restaurants that we’ve featured here in the last three years have shuttered, including two announced just this past weekend – we sort of notice when something sticks around that long, especially since even the larger national chains abandon their buildings or knock them down with oddball regularity here.

Plus, I have a remarkable anecdote about this Domino’s that I’d love to tell you one day, off the record. Buy me a ginger ale sometime. Continue reading “Pollo d’el Rey, Chamblee GA”

Purnima, Chamblee GA

I’ve been trying for years to get Marie to sample and enjoy Indian food, with no luck. Not even Chai Pani, our city’s (and Asheville’s!) best Indian restaurant, thrills her. So last month, she and Marilyn from Atlanta etc. were tossing around ideas for a Saturday lunch and settled, to my considerable surprise, on Purnima. It’s a Bangladeshi restaurant, which sounds pretty darn close to Indian to me. I double-checked a map of Asia and raised an eyebrow. Continue reading “Purnima, Chamblee GA”

Contigo Peru, Chamblee GA

Good grief, here’s a place that I noticed when I was out driving around with our friend David years ago. Years. It’s on Chamblee-Dunwoody right as it crosses Peachtree Industrial, the sort of place that you’ll see out of the corner of your eye and promptly forget. It’s been on a short list of places that I’d wanted to visit with David ever since, and, last month, we finally got the chance to stop by. Continue reading “Contigo Peru, Chamblee GA”

The Chinatown Mall Food Court, Chamblee GA

Our friends Vincent and Helen were on a diet. They were cutting carbs for a few weeks, and suggested that if we were to get together for a meal, then lunch might be a better idea for them. That way, if I were to tempt them into falling off the wagon, they could spend the afternoon exercising and eat a very sensible, small supper. The very idea. Me, an innocent lamb, persuading people to indulge. Tsk. Continue reading “The Chinatown Mall Food Court, Chamblee GA”

Cơm Vietnamese Grill, Atlanta GA

Back in August, Leslie from The Food and Me suggested that we meet up for supper at Cơm, the quite popular Vietnamese place on Buford Highway. It’s been doing good business for almost a decade and has been very influential both in the business world – when Nam Phuong opened, with its nice atmosphere, furnishings, and presentation, it was said by some to be an imitation of Cơm – and in making fans out of curious eaters. Leslie and I agreed that we should have more get-togethers with more bloggers, and then I hemmed and hawed and waited too late to properly invite people, but Food Near Snellville was able to make it, as did our friends and frequent fellow diners Vincent and Helen, and then Leslie got called into work and wasn’t able to join us. Boo! Continue reading “Cơm Vietnamese Grill, Atlanta GA”

Old Brick Pit, Chamblee GA (take two)

One of these days, I need to go up to Roswell and do a proper expedition of all the sixty-eleven taco joints on Highway 9 below Holcomb Bridge Road. There are quite a few of them. The kids and I were in town one Saturday to do a little beer shopping and I thought we’d get a hamburger. Driving north through the area, however, I changed my mind and pulled into Tacos Linda Vista. It is one of the newest places to set up here, in a building that had previously been home to another taqueria, Tacos Frisa. We’ve all been going back and forth about what the restaurant was before that. I say it was a Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I can’t get any consensus on that point. What say you, dear reader? Continue reading “Old Brick Pit, Chamblee GA (take two)”