Au Rendez-Vous, Chamblee GA

This is Marie, with an article about a French restaurant where we enjoyed a spontaneous meal a few weeks ago. The four of us went out on Saturday evening intending to hang out with some buddies, but as they were unavoidably detained and the place selected would have been the second pizza joint in two days, we looked around at the places close to where we were when plans changed. Thank goodness for Urbanspoon’s mobile ap. We allowed the baby to keep one of the six golf balls he had found in the grass at a park in Chamblee (nothing delights a toddler as much as a ball of any kind), and went to Au Rendez-vous Cafe Bistro instead. One recommendation – if you have two cars, take the smaller one. Parking is not spacious. Continue reading “Au Rendez-Vous, Chamblee GA”


Taqueria el Milagro, Chamblee GA

Our friend Edgar organized another meetup at a really good place in Dekalb County, this one a joint we’d never heard of before. Taqueria el Milagro is right off the interstate on Shallowford, in a beat-up strip mall without too much parking, and they are serving up some really terrific Mexican food, mostly from authentic recipes. Continue reading “Taqueria el Milagro, Chamblee GA”

Rose of India, Chamblee GA

Rose of India is a newer restaurant in a very old building. It’s, I think, three doors north of Old Brick Pit on Peachtree. Years and years back, I came down from Alpharetta, where I then lived, for a meal at Old Brick Pit and found they’d closed for the evening, and ended up in this building instead. I am not sure what it was then, but it might have been a Tex-Mex joint. I definitely remembered the slanted walls and large windows, even if the visit made no other impact. Continue reading “Rose of India, Chamblee GA”

Bo Bo Garden, Doraville GA

We finally got back over to Doraville to try a place whose big, sizzling impact on the local food hobbyists has long since faded away, but I’ve got to tell you, Bo Bo Garden still knows how to put together a fine evening full of excellent food. Marie and the baby and I joined a huge mob – 23 adults – for a senses-disorienting couple of hours here and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Continue reading “Bo Bo Garden, Doraville GA”

Harmony Vegetarian Chinese, Chamblee GA

Earlier this month, we finally synched schedules with Emily and Adam of Spatial Drift and got to join them for supper. They’ve got a really fun lifestyle blog that I stumbled across while looking for links in the “other blog posts about” section that you see at the bottom of many of our entries here. A little over a year ago, Emily started a really neat project. Her goal has been to eat at every single restaurant on Buford Highway, starting at the southernmost, Pancho’s, and going north one by one. Continue reading “Harmony Vegetarian Chinese, Chamblee GA”

El Señor Taco, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)

One of the many reasons that it’s pretty easy to focus on the Buford Highway corridor is that there are piles of restaurants up and down this street that, happily, open for lunch at the sensible hour of 10. Well, I say “sensible,” but it’s really that, for the last few years I had worked an unusual schedule, and, two days a week, I had time on my hands and a cravin’ in my belly, and waiting around until 11.30 for some of these places to open actually is an inconvenience when I live out in the ‘burbs but work nearby. Earlier this month, happily, my schedule at work changed to something a little more sensible and convenient, but noting where a fellow could get lunch at an earlier hour became an ongoing concern. Continue reading “El Señor Taco, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)”


(I asked Marie to share a few words about what the heck these crumbly and creamy treats are, and she has this to say…)

We chanced on a beautiful display of macarons the other day after dinner and had to pick some up. They look like little jewels in the case, in all those pastel shades. We chose four (vanilla, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry), and then asked which are most popular – apparently the strawberry is one of the top sellers. I should have taken the green tea as well – it must have been excellent. I liked the vanilla one best of those we got. Continue reading “Macarons”