Takorea, Dunwoody GA

Talk about brand confusion! Tomas Lee started his little mini-empire of food trucks and restaurants in 2009, operating with three different names: Yumbii, Hankook Taqueria, and, in 2011, Takorea. They all serve approximately the same food, but for some goofball reason, he decided to give each entity separate names. Now a second Takorea store has opened, in the former home of the dearly missed Guthrie’s in Dunwoody, and the experience is apparently not very much at all like the the first store on Juniper Street, but rather more like Hankook. Continue reading “Takorea, Dunwoody GA”


Don Quixote (and Don Taco), Doraville GA

Now, if you’ve enjoyed our reporting from Buford Highway – and we think that it is pretty good – then you’re certain to enjoy Spatialdrift, if you’re not reading it already. Far from our here-and-there sampling, they’ve been working on a slow and steady march north from Pancho’s, visiting every independent or small chain along the way, and last month, we joined them for their ninety-ninth Buford Highway restaurant, Don Quixote. I can see why people think that Decatur is the epicenter of Atlanta dining, because that’s where many of the interesting and promising new restaurants open, but with more than a hundred restaurants, most of them incredibly interesting and a handful downright amazing on a single street? There’s no comparing the two, honestly. Continue reading “Don Quixote (and Don Taco), Doraville GA”

Song Do BBQ Korean Restaurant, Duluth GA

A few Saturdays back, in part because I was in the mood to drive and didn’t mind going a little farther than normal, and in part because I wanted to finally clear this one Korean restaurant in Duluth from my to-do list, I asked Vincent and Helen to join us for supper in Gwinnett County. They had a better idea: we should meet them at a different Korean barbecue place in Duluth that they enjoy more. I shrugged and said fine, I’d try it, and I was very glad that we did, because Song Do, which is located in the same strip mall but around the corner from Titan Games & Comics, is really good and we had an excellent, filling meal here. Continue reading “Song Do BBQ Korean Restaurant, Duluth GA”

Ssam Burger, Atlanta GA

I occasionally keep a lurking eye on the 285 Foodies Forum for news and opinions about Atlanta’s restaurants. One of their regulars is a friend who goes by the handle Barnum, and he reported on a new little place that had originally been in the works to serve house-made sausages. The family changed directions and went with burgers instead. Driving around in November shortly before they opened, Marie and I saw their little storefront on Defoors Ferry at Collier one Sunday. Continue reading “Ssam Burger, Atlanta GA”

Sobban, Decatur GA (CLOSED)

I’ll cut straight to the point: Jiyeon Lee and Cody Taylor have opened another restaurant called Sobban, and, like their first, the mighty Heirloom Market Bar-B-Que, they are serving very good food that has a huge crowd of curious and impatient diners in far too small a space. I was mostly very pleased with our experience, but then again, I seem to tolerate the October cold better than some do. Continue reading “Sobban, Decatur GA (CLOSED)”

So Kong Dong Tofu House, Doraville GA

On the 30th of last month, Food Near Snellville racked up a big milestone: 500 Atlanta-area restaurants written up. So you know what I did that evening? I tweeted my congratulations to him, dropped off the girlchild at a football game, picked up Marie from work, and went out to meet Adam and Emily from Spatialdrift at our 500th Atlanta-area restaurant: So Kong Dong on Buford Highway. Continue reading “So Kong Dong Tofu House, Doraville GA”

Big Joy, Marietta GA

Big Joy is the first of two restaurants that we have visited recently – come back Saturday for a story about another – that offer a fun, modern American-style take on traditional flavors from Asia. This time out, the flavors are Korean, and they’re offered principally in either wraps or in bowls. The inspiration behind this place seems to be fast casual burrito joints like Moe’s or Willy’s, where guests walk down a line selecting ingredients to add to their order. All of their principal dishes of bibimbaps or burritos start as vegetarian offerings, although a few meats can be added. The veggies looked so good and so fresh that I didn’t figure that I needed any chicken or steak this evening. Continue reading “Big Joy, Marietta GA”