(I asked Marie to share a few words about what the heck these crumbly and creamy treats are, and she has this to say…)

We chanced on a beautiful display of macarons the other day after dinner and had to pick some up. They look like little jewels in the case, in all those pastel shades. We chose four (vanilla, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry), and then asked which are most popular – apparently the strawberry is one of the top sellers. I should have taken the green tea as well – it must have been excellent. I liked the vanilla one best of those we got. Continue reading “Macarons”


Han Il Kwan, Doraville GA

As our regular readers know, we have been exploring the cuisines of other nations by focusing on Buford Highway in recent months. If you check out the category from the link above, you’ll see that, as of this post, we’ve now given a short spotlight to 20 restaurants across 17 chapters and are nowhere close to denting this corridor. So I was very pleased when I got an announcement about a new Meetup group that is also tackling this popular street, with dinners planned for maybe three or four times each month. Sadly, we have run into babysitting or scheduling issues for the next couple of get-togethers, but we hope to do this again soon. Continue reading “Han Il Kwan, Doraville GA”

Woo Nam Jeong, Doraville GA

Marie and I took the baby over to Doraville on the Saturday before Christmas. Along the way to lunch, I pointed out White Windmill to her, telling her that’s the mean old place whose mean old hot tea hurted my poor little helpless tongue. Marie nodded and agreed that she’d have to try that tea sometime. Sometimes, dames just don’t listen. Continue reading “Woo Nam Jeong, Doraville GA”

White Windmill, Doraville GA

(Taking a break, again, from anything that even remotely resembles a restaurant review.)

I will clearly never, at this point in life, ever learn to appreciate tea the way that Marie does. Or the way that her mother does. Or the way that pretty much everybody in Europe seems to. That’s perfectly all right; I appreciate tea just fine on my own terms. Tea, served sweet and chilled, is, six days out of seven, my favorite thing to drink. I may enjoy a Buffalo Rock, or a Kutztown Birch Beer, or, once in a great while, a bottle of Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout a whole heck of a lot, but really, nothing beats a nice glass of iced tea. Continue reading “White Windmill, Doraville GA”

Hae Woon Dae, Doraville GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about our recent adventure on the outside-the-perimeter side of Buford Highway, visiting the venerable Hae Woon Dae. We took a trip out there with one of our fellow foodie bloggers, the always-fun Leslie from The Food And Me at a place of our own choosing rather than at an invitation, so we could make a social evening of it. Continue reading “Hae Woon Dae, Doraville GA”

Tofu Village, Marietta GA

You know how some restaurants just hide in plain sight? There used to be this mediocre Mexican place down the road from us, back toward the interstate. They had karaoke and refried beans, and not much else. I think that they closed in early 2006 and a Korean place called Tofu Village eventually moved in, and I never noticed, because I never paid attention to Korean food before. Continue reading “Tofu Village, Marietta GA”

Hankook Taqueria, Atlanta GA

Oh, my. I finally made a lunchtime trip over to Hankook and I’m hopeful that it won’t be the last time. This is, honestly, getting ridiculous, trying to balance all the wonderful new places that we have found over the last couple of years that we would like to revisit while also looking for brand-new-to-us joints on which we may report. Continue reading “Hankook Taqueria, Atlanta GA”