Song Do BBQ Korean Restaurant, Duluth GA

A few Saturdays back, in part because I was in the mood to drive and didn’t mind going a little farther than normal, and in part because I wanted to finally clear this one Korean restaurant in Duluth from my to-do list, I asked Vincent and Helen to join us for supper in Gwinnett County. They had a better idea: we should meet them at a different Korean barbecue place in Duluth that they enjoy more. I shrugged and said fine, I’d try it, and I was very glad that we did, because Song Do, which is located in the same strip mall but around the corner from Titan Games & Comics, is really good and we had an excellent, filling meal here. Continue reading “Song Do BBQ Korean Restaurant, Duluth GA”


Han Il Kwan, Doraville GA

As our regular readers know, we have been exploring the cuisines of other nations by focusing on Buford Highway in recent months. If you check out the category from the link above, you’ll see that, as of this post, we’ve now given a short spotlight to 20 restaurants across 17 chapters and are nowhere close to denting this corridor. So I was very pleased when I got an announcement about a new Meetup group that is also tackling this popular street, with dinners planned for maybe three or four times each month. Sadly, we have run into babysitting or scheduling issues for the next couple of get-togethers, but we hope to do this again soon. Continue reading “Han Il Kwan, Doraville GA”