Uncle Larry’s Restaurant, Chattanooga TN

After a run of disappointing dinners, my spirit of discovery was low. Then I got smacked by the smack ’em sauce at this fish house on MLK and could not have been more thrilled. Continue reading “Uncle Larry’s Restaurant, Chattanooga TN”

Armando’s Restaurant, Chattanooga TN

One of the neatest discoveries that I’ve made since moving here is finding there’s a small chain of burger joints I’d never heard of before, each quietly doing their own thing at locations dotted around the city. I visited three of them across five days to see what I could learn. Continue reading “Armando’s Restaurant, Chattanooga TN”

East TN Tours, Knoxville TN

Earlier this month, with the Vols out of town and squeaking out a win against the Dawgs on a last-minute Hail Mary – belated vengeance for our lovely Hobnail Boot pass in 2001, I suppose – we visited their city to walk around the terrific Gay Street corridor with East TN Tours to sample five of the neatest downtown restaurants. Continue reading “East TN Tours, Knoxville TN”