Carlile’s Barbecue, Birmingham AL

Just about every time we’ve visited the Magic City, it’s been either on the weekend or after lunch, making it difficult to find time to visit one of Birmingham’s oldest and most highly regarded barbecue joints. Carlile’s celebrated its 75th birthday last year. We were pleased to finally visit this fine old place and enjoyed a very good lunch. Continue reading “Carlile’s Barbecue, Birmingham AL”


Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ, Birmingham AL

We haven’t had a lot that we’ve wanted to write about, but after pacing the floor for months waiting for Rodney Scott to open his place in Birmingham, the least I could do is tell our remaining six readers about it. Continue reading “Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ, Birmingham AL”

Sneaky Pete’s, Moody AL

The detour to Amory really was a big one. Even outside the time spent at the two restaurants, it added more than an hour to the drive, as we rolled lazily along US-278 through the small Alabama towns of Sulligent and Guin before rejoining I-22. The connection between I-22 and I-65 is still not quite complete, but it felt like they have done some work repaving those streets that connect the two – Coalburg and Daniel Payne – because I certainly remembered those roads being very, very well traveled and *full* of potholes, but they’re not bad now. Continue reading “Sneaky Pete’s, Moody AL”

Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q, Bessemer AL

We try to avoid letting personal sadness get into the blog much, but, as some of our friends know, we had some pretty terrible turmoil in our lives some months after my dad passed away in 2011, and, the following year, it got a lot worse before it got resolved. The bottom line is that, for many years, my daughter has seen very, very little of her mother, who lives in Kentucky, and we have, for many of the same reasons, seen very, very little of my older son, who lives there with her. Continue reading “Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q, Bessemer AL”

Golden Rule Bar-B-Q, Irondale AL

For our final stop on this road trip, we visited one of the oldest restaurants in the southeast. Golden Rule Bar-B-Q is on at least its fourth set of owners, and the current home of its flagship store is, again, at least the fourth, but it traces its history back to 1891, when a family named Williams opened the original stop on the long Alabama to Birmingham highway. In the late 1930s, a gentleman named Jabo Stone, who had married into the Williams family, became the owner. He sold it in 1969 to Michael Matsos, and, in 2010, CM Foodservice, LLC took over Golden Rule as well as Matsos’s popular Michael’s Steakhouse. They run a few other small brands with locations dotted around the southeast, including La Paz, which, until recently, had a store within walking distance of my childhood home in Vinings GA. Continue reading “Golden Rule Bar-B-Q, Irondale AL”

Gus’s Hot Dogs, Adamsville AL

On Sunday afternoon in Memphis, our daughter bought a very nice blue dress. On Monday, she wore it and received more compliments from the crowd at Gus’s Hot Dogs in Adamsville than the local homecoming queen probably got last fall. There’s a whole bunch of really friendly people in this town, and by 11.15 each day, they’ve swarmed into Gus’s. We were lucky to find a table. Continue reading “Gus’s Hot Dogs, Adamsville AL”