Bluegrass Barbeque, Moody AL

The final stop on our Memphis trip was a fairly new barbecue place on the outskirts of Birmingham. It simply isn’t right to go through Alabama and not try some barbecue, you know? Continue reading “Bluegrass Barbeque, Moody AL”

Sneaky Pete’s, Moody AL

The detour to Amory really was a big one. Even outside the time spent at the two restaurants, it added more than an hour to the drive, as we rolled lazily along US-278 through the small Alabama towns of Sulligent and Guin before rejoining I-22. The connection between I-22 and I-65 is still not quite complete, but it felt like they have done some work repaving those streets that connect the two – Coalburg and Daniel Payne – because I certainly remembered those roads being very, very well traveled and *full* of potholes, but they’re not bad now. Continue reading “Sneaky Pete’s, Moody AL”