Mike & Jeff’s BBQ Diner, Greenville SC

Two years ago, the last time I spent any time in Greenville (note: I should spend more time in Greenville), Marie and our son and I went by Mike & Jeff’s, but they close after lunch on Saturday, and we arrived after they’d shut their doors. Fortunately, they do stay open for supper on Friday, and so my daughter and I stopped by on our way back from Winston-Salem. Good thing we did, too, because it was my daughter’s favorite meal of the trip. She really liked this place a lot. Everything except the television. Continue reading “Mike & Jeff’s BBQ Diner, Greenville SC”


Skins Hot Dogs, Anderson SC

Last week, I mentioned that the South Carolina Upstate has a pair of quasi-chains local to the area, the various diners or drive-ins called Clock or Pete’s. A truer comparison point with Macon’s Nu-Way or Fincher’s, however, would certainly be Skins Hot Dogs. This is a chain in the proper sense of the word. All twelve of the stores, located in a triangle from Seneca to Greenville and stretching south to Greenwood, are owned under the same corporate umbrella, using the same chili and slaw recipes that the original proprietor, a man with the frankly awesome name of Skin Thrasher, developed in the 1940s. Continue reading “Skins Hot Dogs, Anderson SC”

Everyday Organic, Greenville SC (CLOSED)

This is Marie, contributing an article about Everyday Organic, a restaurant in Greenville that is, sadly, much too far away. I really enjoyed my meal there and would have very much liked to try more of their offerings. Continue reading “Everyday Organic, Greenville SC (CLOSED)”

Photo Post 15: Restaurants and Robots in South Carolina

We found some interesting spots on our trip through the Upstate that we did not visit this time around. Here’s an interesting sign in Anderson. In the brief period in the 1950s when Zesto was a nearly-national chain, this place opened. When the chain went bust around 1955, the stores were left to make it on their own. Sometime between 1955 and 1962, this store changed its name to Besto and it’s been happily serving up for the last fifty-plus years. It is closed on Saturdays. I guess nobody in Anderson wants a milkshake on Saturdays. (The actual building is a nondescript nothing of a fast food structure, not at all as fun and silly as many of the thriving Zesto stores in Atlanta and Columbia.) Continue reading “Photo Post 15: Restaurants and Robots in South Carolina”

Como’s Pete’s No. 4, Greenville SC

Quite a few of us in this hobby have a love for old, vintage restaurants, and, as you saw in yesterday’s chapter, and will see again next week, the South Carolina Upstate is really packed with businesses from the 1940s and 1950s that are still vibrant and fun. Continue reading “Como’s Pete’s No. 4, Greenville SC”

Sugar -n- Spice Drive-In, Spartanburg SC

Around the beginning of every year, Marie and I take a day trip to the Palmetto State. This was our fourth year doing this, and we decided to stick around the I-85 corridor this time around, and enjoy some good eating before and after a visit to Greenville’s Children’s Museum of the Upstate, about which a little more on Friday. Continue reading “Sugar -n- Spice Drive-In, Spartanburg SC”

Circumnavigating South Carolina – part seven

So, at last, we come to the close to the story about my South Carolina trip. About 800 miles in two days, but there were still a few stops to make. The first two were in the town of Greenwood, home of Lander University. Only the second stop was planned; the first was irresistible. Continue reading “Circumnavigating South Carolina – part seven”