Southern Burger Co., Ooltewah TN

This week, I’ve been sharing stories about meals at new places around Chattanooga that we enjoyed while finding one reason or another to celebrate. We know that we don’t need all that many excuses, but we drove a few miles north of our neighborhood, to the town of Ooltewah, to toast Marie’s first successful week at her new job. I picked Southern Burger Co. after reading Chattavore’s story about the restaurant a few days previously. And since I knew I was going to dig into a big messy burger for dinner, I enjoyed a light vegetarian lunch earlier. Continue reading “Southern Burger Co., Ooltewah TN”


Saltwood, Atlanta GA

A few weeks ago, Marie and I were invited to visit Saltwood, a new restaurant in the Loews Atlanta hotel in midtown. It opened in early April, replacing a popular lunch place called Eleven, and it’s led by Executive Chef Olivier Gaupin and Sous Chef Chris EspaƱol, who stopped by to say hello and tell us a bit about the menu. The concept here is small plates and charcuterie, with local meats, cheeses, and seasonal vegetables. Marie and I had a pretty good time. Continue reading “Saltwood, Atlanta GA”

Rosewood Dairy Bar, Columbia SC

“You know,” the old-timer said, “those pictures you’re taking, I was talking with my boss once, and he said there’s all sorts of people who take all sorts of pictures of old restaurants. Then they put ’em on the internet!”

“Yes,” I said, lowering my camera. “That would be me.” Continue reading “Rosewood Dairy Bar, Columbia SC”

Litton’s and Denton’s, Knoxville TN

Our son fell asleep, finally, on the road back from Johnson City as we returned to I-40. He snoozed and Marie and I braced ourselves for Knoxville’s Friday 5:00 traffic, which never came. We lucked out, I suppose, and our route, which brought us into town from the east and around the top of the I-640 half-a-loop to I-75, is outside whatever the local rush hour crushes. So we checked into our hotel without trouble, and carried him, sleeping, up to our room, where we kicked back for about an hour while he finished his nap. Continue reading “Litton’s and Denton’s, Knoxville TN”

Como’s Pete’s No. 4, Greenville SC

Quite a few of us in this hobby have a love for old, vintage restaurants, and, as you saw in yesterday’s chapter, and will see again next week, the South Carolina Upstate is really packed with businesses from the 1940s and 1950s that are still vibrant and fun. Continue reading “Como’s Pete’s No. 4, Greenville SC”

The Rookery, Macon GA

Timing a lunch in Macon when we’re leaving Atlanta is easy, but it’s a little more difficult scheduling to meet with our good friends in that city, Rex and Rachel, when we’re coming from Glynn County, since it is so far away. Also, we knew this time that we’d need to make at least one Baby Mercy Break, plus a detour to take pictures of that old chicken restaurant, and a four-mile stretch of I-16 had one lane closed for construction. But somehow, we timed it pretty well and met up with Rex at The Rookery, on 543 Cherry Street in downtown Macon right about when I thought we could. Rachel, who just started a terrific new job that has her glowing with happiness at how awesome it is, was a little behind, but the six of us took a table in this fantastic old building with a lot of history. Continue reading “The Rookery, Macon GA”