Dixie Freeze, South Pittsburg TN (take two)

Last month, we revisited a great little dairy bar that serves up reliably good meat-and-two meals. It’s a bit of a drive from our house, but worth a visit if you’re in the area. Continue reading “Dixie Freeze, South Pittsburg TN (take two)”

Big Top Drive-In, Evansville IN

We had a pretty decent night’s sleep at our hotel in Evansville, and then we went out to take some pictures and do some shopping, and, at nine, arrived at the Children’s Museum of Evansville just as they opened. It’s a really great museum that uses its space very, very well. It occupies the former home of the city’s main library, the building having been constructed in 1931, and dedicated to the memory of a local temperance crusader. So no drinking in today’s chapter, okay? Continue reading “Big Top Drive-In, Evansville IN”

Zesto, Evansville IN

For our last stop on the first night in Indiana, I combined two of my interests into one stop. In the summer, I had a breaded pork tenderloin at Cannelton’s popular Walls’ Drive-In. These are much-loved in Indiana and Iowa, and if you are able to watch this terrific short documentary about the sandwiches by Jensen Rufe without wanting to book a flight to Bloomington, you’re stronger than I am. If you don’t have twelve minutes, look over this essay from Serious Eats. Don’t these look delicious? Anyway, I wanted a couple more tenderloin sandwiches. Continue reading “Zesto, Evansville IN”

Big Dipper, Owensboro KY

For about the only time on this trip, we were ahead of schedule, so after we left Ole South, we took a minute to drive across the beautiful Glover Cary Bridge from Owensboro into Indiana. It’s such a curious drive, going city, river, absolutely nothing. I wonder why there’s no development at all across the river. Anyway, on the way back across, we saw that J.R. Miller Boulevard is actually raised up above the small downtown area, home to a pretty busy retail area, a couple of museums, and a downright astonishing playground in Smothers Park. Continue reading “Big Dipper, Owensboro KY”

Burger Chick and Company Drive-In, Tallapoosa GA

Marie and I were last in Tallapoosa four years ago, and while we’ve driven past many times since on our way to Alabama, it’s never been at a restaurant-convenient time, meaning that we have not stopped to get a good look at a dairy bar smack in the middle of town. It’s called Burger Chick, and there’s even a separate seating area in the building next door, a lot like Rosewood Dairy Bar in Columbia SC. Continue reading “Burger Chick and Company Drive-In, Tallapoosa GA”