Owens Bar-B-Que, Tallapoosa GA

I decided that we’d take one more pass at west Georgia before we moved away and let the road get too long. I wasn’t sure when we’d manage it; I put a to-eat list together in February and we finally set aside the first Saturday in April to go visit four restaurants that had not been visited or documented by other writers. Then Andy from Burgers, Barbecue, and Everything Else went to two of them. I was partially jealous of the scoop but more honestly pleased, because I love seeing unheralded restaurants get a little press and spotlight. Even though we often really don’t learn very much on our anonymous, quick visits, I’d much rather read about a barbecue place that nobody has ever documented than the sixty-eleventh blog post about the same restaurants that everybody writes about, even the ones we love. Continue reading “Owens Bar-B-Que, Tallapoosa GA”

Burger Chick and Company Drive-In, Tallapoosa GA

Marie and I were last in Tallapoosa four years ago, and while we’ve driven past many times since on our way to Alabama, it’s never been at a restaurant-convenient time, meaning that we have not stopped to get a good look at a dairy bar smack in the middle of town. It’s called Burger Chick, and there’s even a separate seating area in the building next door, a lot like Rosewood Dairy Bar in Columbia SC. Continue reading “Burger Chick and Company Drive-In, Tallapoosa GA”