G.D. Ritzy’s, Evansville IN

This is Marie, contributing an article about a visit we made with our friend Louis to G. D. Ritzy’s for a cheeseburger and a snack for the 4-year-old, who’d been muttering about the food in the other places we ate and was wasting away on us. If we’d had any sense we’d have come for the ice cream, but then that’s my prejudices in favor of dessert coming out! Continue reading “G.D. Ritzy’s, Evansville IN”


Big Top Drive-In, Evansville IN

We had a pretty decent night’s sleep at our hotel in Evansville, and then we went out to take some pictures and do some shopping, and, at nine, arrived at the Children’s Museum of Evansville just as they opened. It’s a really great museum that uses its space very, very well. It occupies the former home of the city’s main library, the building having been constructed in 1931, and dedicated to the memory of a local temperance crusader. So no drinking in today’s chapter, okay? Continue reading “Big Top Drive-In, Evansville IN”

Zesto, Evansville IN

For our last stop on the first night in Indiana, I combined two of my interests into one stop. In the summer, I had a breaded pork tenderloin at Cannelton’s popular Walls’ Drive-In. These are much-loved in Indiana and Iowa, and if you are able to watch this terrific short documentary about the sandwiches by Jensen Rufe without wanting to book a flight to Bloomington, you’re stronger than I am. If you don’t have twelve minutes, look over this essay from Serious Eats. Don’t these look delicious? Anyway, I wanted a couple more tenderloin sandwiches. Continue reading “Zesto, Evansville IN”

Gerst Haus, Evansville IN

As the afternoon started turning into evening, we stopped by a pretty good comic and game shop in Henderson KY called Knight’s, and then made our way north to Evansville to check into our hotel and relax for a couple of hours. Our son had been really well-behaved on the trip, but the road can wear on a four year-old, and kids need a little something besides a restaurant to break the time in a car! So he ran around and bounced around, and, after the sun went down, we drove over to Franklin Street to rejoin our friend Louis for a meal at the city’s Gerst Haus. Continue reading “Gerst Haus, Evansville IN”