Schweinehaus, Memphis TN (CLOSED)

After our fun visit to a German restaurant in Knoxville earlier this year, I hoped we could visit one in Memphis. Would you believe there’s one just down the street from where Marie’s sister works? Continue reading “Schweinehaus, Memphis TN (CLOSED)”


GruJo’s, Powell TN

Our Knoxville-area to-do list keeps growing with restaurants that sound really interesting. Even though time was getting away from us, we drove north of the city for Marie to try a German fast food restaurant that sounded very promising. Continue reading “GruJo’s, Powell TN”

Frankfurt Döner & Meats, Ball Ground GA

In 1993, Detley Werner and his family moved from Germany to the United States, and made their way to the small town of Ball Ground, where they opened a butcher shop that also sells sandwiches and a really huge variety of smoked sausages. I’d first heard of his shop a couple of years ago, but we hadn’t been up the I-575 corridor in quite some time and never found an opportunity to go visit. A couple of months ago, however, I got a craving to visit Amicalola Falls, near Dawsonville, a trip which would take us right by his place. Continue reading “Frankfurt Döner & Meats, Ball Ground GA”

Hildegard’s German Cuisine, Huntsville AL

(I didn’t eat anything at the fifth restaurant on our day trip, thinking, correctly, that Marie would really enjoy this one. It’s one of at least four German restaurants in the Rocket City, and the one that our friend Helen recommends as the best in town.)

Every so often you chance on something that reminds you just perfectly of something in your childhood. If you’re lucky, it’s a good thing, and the genuine pleasure of enjoying it along with the memories of past encounters layer on each other for a really wonderful experience. In this case, it was the red cabbage at Hildegard’s German Cuisine. Continue reading “Hildegard’s German Cuisine, Huntsville AL”

Gerst Haus, Evansville IN

As the afternoon started turning into evening, we stopped by a pretty good comic and game shop in Henderson KY called Knight’s, and then made our way north to Evansville to check into our hotel and relax for a couple of hours. Our son had been really well-behaved on the trip, but the road can wear on a four year-old, and kids need a little something besides a restaurant to break the time in a car! So he ran around and bounced around, and, after the sun went down, we drove over to Franklin Street to rejoin our friend Louis for a meal at the city’s Gerst Haus. Continue reading “Gerst Haus, Evansville IN”

Gerst Haus, Nashville TN

When we were last in Nashville, on our way downtown to a place called Tazza, we drove past a place that I’d seen a dozen times, easily, without it ever registering. Our friend Tory pointed out a German-themed restaurant called Gerst Haus that has been packing in vistors since the original owner, William J. Gerst, opened it in 1955. The restaurant started after the closing of the Gerst-Moelin Brewery (later William Gerst Brewing Company) the year before (1890-1954). Over the decades, it has transitioned from a dark and uninviting pub into a big palace for families. There are still dozens of beers for guests to sample, but I’d had calories aplenty on this trip already and stuck with water. Continue reading “Gerst Haus, Nashville TN”