GruJo’s, Powell TN

Our Knoxville-area to-do list keeps growing with restaurants that sound really interesting. Even though time was getting away from us, we drove north of the city for Marie to try a German fast food restaurant that sounded very promising.

Marie enjoys German food much more than I do, and so last year when I was reading over a fun Knoxville-based food and travel blog, K & R Adventures, I was particularly interested in their story about GruJo’s, which opened a couple of years ago. The owners met in Germany; he was a Knoxville-born fellow stationed there in the military and she and her family love to cook, and after they married, they came back to Tennessee to open a no-frills restaurant together.

I really liked this place. I only had a little of Marie’s food, because I was planning for a different meal myself, but I thought it was very tasty and she was really pleased.

Our experience at GruJo’s is why I’m always careful to clarify that this is not a “restaurant review” blog. GruJo’s has quite a few things on the menu and we didn’t try any of them. They have five different German beers on draft at any time, and they have at least four different varieties of mustard for sausages or bratwurst. This all looked very interesting, and we sampled very little of it.

Marie ordered the Jägerschnitzel from the daily specials, though I imagine they could make this for a guest any time; they offer schnitzel sandwiches and plates, and list Jäger, a creamy mushroom gravy, among their standard sauces. This was really good. I just had a couple of bites myself and I liked it. Marie really enjoyed it and the German potato salad.

Once in a long while, we’ll come back to a promising place and expand the original entry with some more pictures and information as we try the menu. That doesn’t often happen, as it’s more likely that many years will pass and we’d prefer to write something fresh as a “take two” post. It’s also pretty likely that we’ll go back to a restaurant we enjoyed and keep ordering the same thing, as we do at favorite barbecue places, or me always getting the shrimp salad sandwich at Chattanooga’s River Street Deli. With GruJo’s, I think this story will get a “second edition” revision in a couple of months. Marie would like to try their sausages and I would like to try their Döner kebab sandwich, so GruJo’s is definitely on the short list for our next trip to the Knoxville area later in the spring or early summer.

I should point out that our son really should have eaten something, but we couldn’t persuade him. He wasn’t even interested in their house dessert, Pfannkuchen, which is a pancake filled with either Nutella and bananas, or hot cinnamon cherries with cream. Had Marie made crepes for dinner with these sweet treats, he’d have eaten every crumb, but he refused to get over his suspicion we were trying to give him something new, and therefore dangerously tasty. So we stopped by the Brusters Ice Cream down the road and he had a scoop of strawberry. Maybe next time!


In May, we did indeed return to GruJo’s for Marie to have lunch, and I decided that I’d like to try their Döner kebab sandwich, with a little spicy yogurt sauce. Marie got the regular schnitzel and we tried some of the various mustards. We were slightly concerned to see a sign on the door. The family is looking to sell GruJo’s as-is. The girl working the register assured us that they hope to find a buyer soon and keep the restaurant going with no interruption or changes. We hope that everything works out all right!

1420 E Emory Rd
Powell, TN 37938

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