GruJo’s, Powell TN

Our Knoxville-area to-do list keeps growing with restaurants that sound really interesting. Even though time was getting away from us, we drove north of the city for Marie to try a German fast food restaurant that sounded very promising. Continue reading “GruJo’s, Powell TN”


Scottie’s, Powell TN

In much the same way that there’s a small confusion between the Whataburger chain that is based in Texas and the What-a-Burger chain that is based in North Carolina, there’s also a distinction between an old, defunct chain of fast food restaurants called Scotty’s, which had a girl in traditional Highland costume as a mascot, and Scottie’s, which was a much smaller chain of diners with perhaps a dozen locations in Kentucky and Tennessee. The chain came to our attention via the forums of, as so many places do, and our interest was piqued by a visit that writer RL Reeves paid to the long-since independent location in Powell last year. Our server told us that Scottie’s opened in 1962, and has been independent since the current owner’s family purchased it in 1978. Continue reading “Scottie’s, Powell TN”