Petro’s Chili & Chips, Knoxville TN (take two)

I had planned for us to sample one more barbecue place around Knox County, but our day was too long and we were too late. Plans B and C crumbled and so we hit a reliable old friend for a bowl of chili before coming home. Continue reading “Petro’s Chili & Chips, Knoxville TN (take two)”


Scottie’s, Powell TN

In much the same way that there’s a small confusion between the Whataburger chain that is based in Texas and the What-a-Burger chain that is based in North Carolina, there’s also a distinction between an old, defunct chain of fast food restaurants called Scotty’s, which had a girl in traditional Highland costume as a mascot, and Scottie’s, which was a much smaller chain of diners with perhaps a dozen locations in Kentucky and Tennessee. The chain came to our attention via the forums of, as so many places do, and our interest was piqued by a visit that writer RL Reeves paid to the long-since independent location in Powell last year. Our server told us that Scottie’s opened in 1962, and has been independent since the current owner’s family purchased it in 1978. Continue reading “Scottie’s, Powell TN”

Grandma’s White Chicken Chili

Sometimes, though not often, I am asked for something my mother-in-law makes. Generally the request comes from the girlchild, but as is traditional with such requests I’m not entirely sure that the results are ever going to measure up to the originals. Continue reading “Grandma’s White Chicken Chili”

G.D. Ritzy’s, Evansville IN

This is Marie, contributing an article about a visit we made with our friend Louis to G. D. Ritzy’s for a cheeseburger and a snack for the 4-year-old, who’d been muttering about the food in the other places we ate and was wasting away on us. If we’d had any sense we’d have come for the ice cream, but then that’s my prejudices in favor of dessert coming out! Continue reading “G.D. Ritzy’s, Evansville IN”

Skyline Chili, Louisville KY

You might truly make the point that if I was going to be in Louisville, I could have visited one of the city’s many iconic or vintage or awesome and independent restaurants. Good grief, the nation’s only remaining Ollie’s Trolley is in Louisville, and surely I should see that. But this was a very rare trip for me to a city that I do not love, and I had places in western Kentucky waiting for me. My daughter and I love Cincinnati-style chili, and so we beat a path to a Skyline, and I dropped her with her people, and I moved on out of town. Continue reading “Skyline Chili, Louisville KY”

SideStreet Burgers, Olive Branch MS

If I may be allowed to wear my “well, some people in this hobby take me seriously, so I’ll speak seriously once in a while” hat for two paragraphs, I really don’t like it at all when people delete their blogs. Yeah, I understand that long, long-term blogging is uncommon, and many hobbyists lose interest and find new hobbies – or start families, that seems to derail or sideline quite a few bloggers who, upon becoming a daddy or mommy, elect to eat out a lot less – and let their blogs wrap up for a while. That’s disappointing, but understandable. Continue reading “SideStreet Burgers, Olive Branch MS”