Skyline Chili, Louisville KY

You might truly make the point that if I was going to be in Louisville, I could have visited one of the city’s many iconic or vintage or awesome and independent restaurants. Good grief, the nation’s only remaining Ollie’s Trolley is in Louisville, and surely I should see that. But this was a very rare trip for me to a city that I do not love, and I had places in western Kentucky waiting for me. My daughter and I love Cincinnati-style chili, and so we beat a path to a Skyline, and I dropped her with her people, and I moved on out of town.

Although… getting to Louisville from Nashville, where I said goodbye to Tory as she left for work, and where I had to go to three different banks to find a working ATM, you drive past Mammoth Cave and Dinosaur World and Funtown Mountain, which has a haunted hotel. That looks promising. I’ve heard a lot about some unique and interesting eats in western Kentucky, and I think we may just have to head back this direction again. Our boy is four, and perhaps the perfect age for dinosaurs. He’s probably not quite ready for haunted houses yet, but he’d probably enjoy a tyrannosaur or ten.

“Hooray, Skyline Chili has BBQ Chicken Wraps,” said no one, ever.

I have very little to add about Skyline from earlier stories about Cincy chili. I absolutely love the stuff, and I wish that they’d open in Atlanta. That way, should the road ever take me back to Louisville, I can go to Ollie’s Trolley in all good conscience and not worry that I’m missing one of our rare chances for this chili.

The service was swell, and my daughter and I each ate far more of the stuff than we really should have, particularly as I had many more stops to make, and so I got a refill of Pepsi, dropped her with her mother, gave her the biggest hug any teenager’s ever received, and took I-64 through the downtown area, marveling at all the gorgeous bridges over the Ohio River while getting ready to visit Indiana for the first time.

You can see all the restaurants that we have visited for our blog on this map, with links back to the original blog posts. It’s a terrific resource for anybody planning a road trip through the southeast!