Guston’s Grille, Kennesaw GA

I don’t remember who told me that the Sunday brunch at Guston’s Grille was really good, but whomever passed the news along missed out on a rather critical fact: the chili is even better. Continue reading “Guston’s Grille, Kennesaw GA”

Marie’s Go-To Chili

This is Marie, contributing an article about one of my go-to recipes, chili. Yes, I know, everyone has their own chili recipe, and that is kind of the point. This is one of those foods that you don’t actually follow any kind of instructions for, beyond making sure it has some kind of sauce, some kind of beans, and some kind of powdered pepper. Continue reading “Marie’s Go-To Chili”

Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs, Marietta GA (take two)

A few weeks ago, I looked back at some of our earliest posts and was depressed by the really, really poor photography across the board. One of the most depressing moments was seeing the awful pictures that accompanied our 2010 chapter about Brandi’s, the little hot dog stand that’s only open 25 hours a week. Continue reading “Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs, Marietta GA (take two)”

Rocco’s Pub, Marietta GA (CLOSED)

We’ve written many times before that we’d rather not linger on negative reviews, and if we visit a joint that’s just pretty good but otherwise uninspiring, we’d just as soon not spend the energy and time on it. But Rocco’s Pub is an unusual case. This is a joint that was once very good indeed, and took a sharp right turn into mediocrity around the time that we started blogging, and is now, perhaps, bobbing above the quality line again. Continue reading “Rocco’s Pub, Marietta GA (CLOSED)”

Moonie’s Texas Barbecue, Flowery Branch GA

A couple of chapters previously, I mentioned that we had intended to visit two barbecue places on our day out to the Dawsonville outlet mall, but we were frustrated by the second one that I chose being closed for vacation. So I asked Matt, as we kicked back at his house, whether he knew where a place called Moonie’s was. We don’t yet have smartphones or any of those new-fangled gadgets, you see, and that was the first one in the Gainesville area whose name that I remembered. Of course, Matt knew exactly where it was. If it’s anywhere in Hall, White, or northern Gwinnett County, he knows about it, and he gave us quick and accurate directions to it from their place. This brought us back down I-985, sending us home down a different artery out of Atlanta than the one we used to go north. Continue reading “Moonie’s Texas Barbecue, Flowery Branch GA”

Blue Ash Chili, Cincinnati OH

We finished up in Miamisburg and made our way back to the hotel in Dayton, where the next order of business was doing something about this hunger-striking baby. He was not interested in eating or drinking anything until we got back to the room and he had some prime rambunctious time and, once Marie got back from work, he agreed to a bottle and some attention from her. We could tell that he was not feeling his best; separation anxiety and strange surroundings didn’t help much. We gave him a good break, food, and lots of love, packed and loaded the cars, checked out and made our way south. Continue reading “Blue Ash Chili, Cincinnati OH”

Camp Washington Chili, Cincinnati OH

One of the really nice things about taking a road trip like this one is that you can occasionally knock a longtime favorite from your wish list. So it was with Camp Washington, which many people in the know have claimed is the very best of Cincinnati’s chili parlors. Continue reading “Camp Washington Chili, Cincinnati OH”