Farewell Atlanta 2: Martin’s

A couple of months ago, Drew from Man Up Texas BBQ tweeted that he’d driven 45 minutes for breakfast at Milo’s, a Birmingham-area fast food chain, and asked to be told if there was a better chicken biscuit anywhere. I immediately complied. Atlanta’s Martin’s chain has the best chicken biscuits of any chain in the south. Continue reading “Farewell Atlanta 2: Martin’s”


Gigi’s Cupcakes, Kennesaw GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Gigi’s cupcakes. They were kind enough to invite some bloggers to check out their holiday cakes (adorable) and to do a taste test of the gluten-free varieties. We have encountered them before – I visited the original Nashville store before we began our blog, and have visited a few of the Atlanta locations more recently – but the seasonal flavors and addition of gluten-free varieties was new. As you may recall if you’ve read the last time I checked out some desserts, I did gluten-free briefly in the mid-’00s and found it a frustrating and expensive hobby; if these kinds of resources had been available at the time I might have stuck with it longer. Continue reading “Gigi’s Cupcakes, Kennesaw GA”

Barbecue Street, Kennesaw GA (take two)

A couple of months ago, I posted a chapter about a barbecue place in Columbus GA called Chicken Comer. This seems to be the origin of a very interesting mustard sauce that is occasionally found in Atlanta’s western and northwestern suburbs. It’s lava-hot, laced with cayenne, and I wondered how Chicken’s sauce, which was developed in Phenix City AL around 1929, had become standard on the tables of restaurants in places like Austell and Douglasville GA. Continue reading “Barbecue Street, Kennesaw GA (take two)”

Chicken Salad Chick, Kennesaw GA

So, my daughter. God bless her, she’s a teenager. Is she ever a teenager. Because on the one hand, she’s prone to push back against what we’d like her to do, and eat, and because on the other hand, she wants to eat where all her friends eat, she doesn’t often join us when we pick a place that sounds too weird. And by weird, we mean a Chinese place that doesn’t offer sweet and sour chicken with broccoli. Meryn Cadell once sang of a girl who longed for “the boy of your dreams who is the same boy in the dreams of all your friends.” My girl. Continue reading “Chicken Salad Chick, Kennesaw GA”

The Rotisserie Shop, Kennesaw GA

It’s been on our short list for ages and ages, and we finally went over to try The Rotisserie Shop, which opened two years ago in the space formerly occupied by a pizza place we liked, My Cousin Vinny’s. Owned by Carla Geniso and Chris Malfitano, it originally opened in the spring of 2013 as a casual place that mainly did carryout, but it was reformulated into a nicer, sit-down place with low lighting the following year. Continue reading “The Rotisserie Shop, Kennesaw GA”

Bangkok Cabin, Kennesaw GA

A couple of Fridays ago, I asked Marie what she was in the mood to try. She said that she’d like some Thai curry, and I set about looking for a nearby place that we had not visited before. For many years now, even before Marie moved to Atlanta, I’ve been driving past Bangkok Cabin on my way to Big Shanty Smokehouse, which is just two doors down on Cherokee Street. I’ve often been curious about this Thai restaurant and what the food is like, but it’s a rare, rare day when I’m ever going to want Thai over barbecue, and they’re just so close to each other. Fortunately, Marie’s around to give this blog a little more variety. Continue reading “Bangkok Cabin, Kennesaw GA”