Duck Donuts, Knoxville TN

I wasn’t really aware that this breakfast spot was a growing chain with stores all over the country when I scheduled a stop here, but they have a neat concept and their food is incredibly tasty. Continue reading “Duck Donuts, Knoxville TN”


Stone Soup Cafe & Market, Memphis TN

Far more frequently than I’d like, Marie and I will split eating duties at two different restaurants when we’re traveling and she will have a considerably better meal than mine.
Continue reading “Stone Soup Cafe & Market, Memphis TN”

Frussies Deli & Bakery, Knoxville TN

When we were in town last year for a food tour, we agreed that the highlight was an amazing sandwich shop catty-cornered across from the Bijou Theater. I decided then that our next trip to the city, we were stopping here before we did anything else. Continue reading “Frussies Deli & Bakery, Knoxville TN”

The Long Horn Restaurant, Chattanooga TN

I had never noticed this small building in front of the old Town & Country shopping center before the late summer, and then it registered that it was an old greasy spoon that has been serving up diner breakfasts and lunches since 1959. Continue reading “The Long Horn Restaurant, Chattanooga TN”