Drake’s Duck-In, Columbia SC

“Are we having barbecue for breakfast, or breakfast for breakfast,” Marie asked. Uh-oh. She’s onto me. Fortunately, I anticipated her desire, and picked a very old and much loved local restaurant for her to enjoy a chicken biscuit. Continue reading “Drake’s Duck-In, Columbia SC”

Pete’s Coffee Shop, Knoxville TN

Last month, we took a trip through the Carolinas and stopped in Knoxville along the way for some breakfast at a thirty year-old diner that I was pretty sure Marie would enjoy. Here’s what she had to say about it… Continue reading “Pete’s Coffee Shop, Knoxville TN”

Scottie’s Diner, Etowah TN

In the mid-1970s, the eleven-store Scottie’s chain failed, leaving the stores independent. Today, three remain in Tennessee, and we have visited each of them. The last that we enjoyed is actually in the newest building, since they moved from their aging diner to a new place down the road with an eye on nostalgia. Continue reading “Scottie’s Diner, Etowah TN”

Old Lighthouse Diner, Bristol TN

Marie writes… Sometimes you know before you even see the lobby that you won’t want to eat the free breakfast at your hotel. Sometimes you have a place already in mind that wouldn’t change your decision even if the hotel has the breakfast buffet to end all buffets. In this case, both were true. Continue reading “Old Lighthouse Diner, Bristol TN”

Arcade Restaurant, Memphis TN

I have my super-mod internet friend Mod Betty to thank for this stop on our Memphis trip. If you’ve not visited the Retro Roadmap and you enjoy the older, vintage restaurants that we like to visit and share, then you are in for an enormous treat. Just click that link and prepare to get lost in a time machine full of great old motels, drive-ins, and places to eat. The ONLY flaw in the Roadmap is that Mod Betty doesn’t make it to the southeast often enough, but she has some pretty awesome content from our neck of the woods all the same, and if we ever do make it to New England again, we can plan our itinerary around her work.

So I found the Arcade Restaurant at the Roadmap and kicked myself for not checking her site more closely before our previous trips to west Tennessee. It’s a fantastic place for breakfast. Still family-owned after 97 years in business – it moved to this location in 1923 – it’s where period movies get filmed (sort of the Memphis equivalent of Atlanta’s Silver Skillet) and people ponder just how many cups of coffee have slid across the boomerang formica tables over all these decades to dent and scar them so badly. Continue reading “Arcade Restaurant, Memphis TN”