The Long Horn Restaurant, Chattanooga TN

I had never noticed this small building in front of the old Town & Country shopping center before the late summer, and then it registered that it was an old greasy spoon that has been serving up diner breakfasts and lunches since 1959.

A few Saturdays passed before we made it back this way, since we usually don’t go out for breakfast unless we’re on the road. When we do go out, we want to visit places like this. It’s a beautifully maintained old diner, with a long counter and a short order cook prepping everything from steaks to corned beef hash. The servers are friendly and a little playful, especially when you’ve got a son our age to remind them of their grandkids.

Marie and our son went with their usual breakfast go-tos. He had a pancake and she had two eggs over easy with toast. She started ordering this whenever we go out earlier this year and hasn’t had a disappointing breakfast since.

I probably didn’t enjoy my own meal quite as much as she did hers, but that’s totally not the restaurant’s fault. I only order corned beef hash once in a great while, and honestly I’m not the biggest fan, but I don’t see this on too many menus, and I’m always a little curious. So I had an order and didn’t think much of it. The hash browns were terrific, though. We’ll certainly come back again some time and I bet I’ll like something else a lot better.

Sometimes when you visit a really old business, you’ll find really old accessories and extras, like this classic gum dispenser by the door.

The Long Horn is a great place to start any morning, whether you’re visiting Chattanooga or you live here and would like to kick back with a few cups of coffee and a plate of hash browns before work. It’s a delightful and authentic step back in time and I’m sure that we’ll be returning for something new ourselves every so often.

The Long Horn Restaurant
129 Market St
Chattanooga, TN 37405

You can see all the restaurants that we have visited for our blog on this map, with links back to the original blog posts. It’s a terrific resource for anybody planning a road trip through the southeast!

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  1. An excellent greasy spoon! A friend had recommended Milk & Honey but we saw the design of this place and had to go in (like Marie, I went for eggs and toast).

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