Do Dah’s Donuts, Jackson TN

Have you ever visited a restaurant so close to selling out of product that two boxes for the office would cause them to shut their doors? We did.

I work for an agency with clients all across the giant state of Tennessee, and I get to hear stories and anecdotes about their lives in towns and cities from Cosby to Tiptonville. One of the clients I’ve most enjoyed speaking with is from Jackson, and recommended that we stop by her favorite doughnut shop, a little place called Do Dah’s that is not far from I-40, and an easy little break from the road. I appreciated her suggestion so much that I’m tempted to take her up on another recommendation, that I should take over the governor’s mansion, thank Bill Haslam for his time, and install her as my lieutenant as I turn the Volunteer State into a blue utopia.

Actually, to be totally honest, Haslam seems to have a much more sensible head on his shoulders than either of the last two wingnut pinheads we put up with in Georgia. I suppose we’ll let Haslam go on about things uninjured. For now.

ANYWAY, after we left Scott’s-Parker, we moseyed back to I-40 and made our way to the city of Jackson, the home of Union University. In a strip mall just a short walk from the campus’s main entrance, we found what happens when a horde of hungry undergraduates descends on a place for doughnuts on a Thursday morning. Long ago, we picked up the habit of including a photo of the display case and many of its treats whenever we visit a doughnut place. We didn’t do that here because there were only eighteen pastries and a small tray of holes left by noon!

While we didn’t have a big selection available, my son was very pleased with a half-dozen holes, and Marie and I shared a long john and a couple of doughnuts, leaving just fifteen things for the next guest to choose from. The employee on duty explained that they typically close when they sell out, but they don’t often sell out as early as they were going to that day.

These were really fine doughnuts, with that made-from-scratch taste you get at independent, family-owned doughnut places. Our son would have had another half-dozen holes if we’d have let him. It’s so much better than a national chain! I really enjoyed this stop, and after we snacked, we spent a few minutes walking a few laps back and forth along the mall to get a little exercise before we got back on the road for Memphis. We might want to try stopping again one day down the road… but we’re going to have to make sure we arrive before noon the next time!

Do Dah’s Donuts
169 Stonebrook Place A
Jackson, TN 38305

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