Wild Beet Salad Company, Germantown TN

After our breakfast at Arcade, Marie and I took a leisurely drive around Memphis with our son, eventually landing at The Children’s Museum of Memphis, where we had a complete blast. It’s one of our favorite children’s museums in the southeast, and we stayed for two hours of awesome playing, eventually choosing to bow out when the place got a little too crunched with field trips. One of the many great things they have here is a “skyscraper,” sort of a Habitrail for kids that they can safely climb, way above anybody’s heads, from one little box to another. On our very first visit, he was too small, and on our last visit, he was too nervous to try it, but this time he just zoomed up to the tallest point.

A couple of hours into this, we started thinking about our food options. Marie suggested a salad somewhere, and I could totally get behind that, as I was already craving the barbecue we’d eat on the next day, and something a little healthier sounded like a good idea. A little Googling found a reasonably new place called Lettuce Eat which was located not too far from our hotel, where we’d have to go to pick up the girlchild anyway. By chance, we’d been in the exact location of this restaurant when we were in town six years previously. Penzeys Spices has closed their Memphis-area storefront, where we shopped on our 2010 trip, and Lettuce Eat moved in. Continue reading “Wild Beet Salad Company, Germantown TN”


Fattoush with Too Much Lemon!

(Marie’s latest report from the kitchen wasn’t a complete success, but we know how to adapt for the next time…)

Every catalog we get from Penzeys Spices is mined for ideas. This time it was the Fattoush recipe that we selected. The girlchild, who is not a terribly big fan of salads despite her numerous short-lived attempts at becoming vegetarian, was relieved to know that we were scheduling this particular salad for a day when she had other plans. She only likes iceberg lettuce, and I don’t like buying that stuff because a) it tastes like water and b) it goes limp almost immediately after opening the package. Romaine isn’t much better because the ribs go brown, but at least you can purchase it in bunches if the prechopped bags look iffy. First World problems, right? My son does not eat any kind of salad except pasta (he gets away with it because he has points for liking broccoli and pickled beets) so this was just for the two adults. It’s a quite substantial salad, and could easily feed four light appetites or three medium. Continue reading “Fattoush with Too Much Lemon!”

Curried Lentils with Pineapple

(Today, Marie presents a great take on a classic hippie-era recipe, one that should be in regular rotation in everybody’s home!)

As some of our friends know, we are working (with moderate success) on Meatless Monday fare. I say “moderate” because we haven’t conquered lunch yet, but we will manage it in time – I have faith! Continue reading “Curried Lentils with Pineapple”

Smoky Chipotle Vegetarian Skillet Meal

This is Marie, contributing a recipe that the girlchild specifically requested, then declined to eat because she somehow failed to notice that it had tofu in it, despite the photo including obvious cubes. She can’t have mistaken them for chicken, as she was specifically offering the recipe for Meatless Monday. She also declared the chipotles disgusting. Ah well, Grant and I liked it! Continue reading “Smoky Chipotle Vegetarian Skillet Meal”

Bangkok Cabin, Kennesaw GA

A couple of Fridays ago, I asked Marie what she was in the mood to try. She said that she’d like some Thai curry, and I set about looking for a nearby place that we had not visited before. For many years now, even before Marie moved to Atlanta, I’ve been driving past Bangkok Cabin on my way to Big Shanty Smokehouse, which is just two doors down on Cherokee Street. I’ve often been curious about this Thai restaurant and what the food is like, but it’s a rare, rare day when I’m ever going to want Thai over barbecue, and they’re just so close to each other. Fortunately, Marie’s around to give this blog a little more variety. Continue reading “Bangkok Cabin, Kennesaw GA”