Main Street Meats, Chattanooga TN

In late August and for much of September, I visited a lot of no-frills places that offered simple and inexpensive burgers. But there are some restaurants around town that offer up a premium patty that will really blow your mind. Continue reading “Main Street Meats, Chattanooga TN”


Tupelo Honey Cafe, Chattanooga TN

One day in late May, Marie and I drove up to Chattanooga with our son to look at what we hoped would be the house that we’d rent in the city. It’s smaller than the one we left behind, but the kitchen is larger and it has a screened patio and we found room for our shelves. The search was over and we were ready to celebrate. Continue reading “Tupelo Honey Cafe, Chattanooga TN”

Wild Beet Salad Company, Germantown TN

After our breakfast at Arcade, Marie and I took a leisurely drive around Memphis with our son, eventually landing at The Children’s Museum of Memphis, where we had a complete blast. It’s one of our favorite children’s museums in the southeast, and we stayed for two hours of awesome playing, eventually choosing to bow out when the place got a little too crunched with field trips. One of the many great things they have here is a “skyscraper,” sort of a Habitrail for kids that they can safely climb, way above anybody’s heads, from one little box to another. On our very first visit, he was too small, and on our last visit, he was too nervous to try it, but this time he just zoomed up to the tallest point.

A couple of hours into this, we started thinking about our food options. Marie suggested a salad somewhere, and I could totally get behind that, as I was already craving the barbecue we’d eat on the next day, and something a little healthier sounded like a good idea. A little Googling found a reasonably new place called Lettuce Eat which was located not too far from our hotel, where we’d have to go to pick up the girlchild anyway. By chance, we’d been in the exact location of this restaurant when we were in town six years previously. Penzeys Spices has closed their Memphis-area storefront, where we shopped on our 2010 trip, and Lettuce Eat moved in. Continue reading “Wild Beet Salad Company, Germantown TN”

The Terminal Brewhouse, Chattanooga TN (take two)

In April, Marie and I took a day trip to Chattanooga for her to look into a possible job and for me to look at a neighborhood where we might end up residing. You know what’s within walking distance of this neighborhood? The excellent Terminal Brewhouse, home of some of the best house-made root beer available anywhere, along with a fantastic oatmeal stout called Southsidenstein. Continue reading “The Terminal Brewhouse, Chattanooga TN (take two)”

Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market, Athens GA

Readers have been telling us for ages that we need to try Heirloom Cafe, a farm-to-table place on Chase Street in Athens. We finally made it over there on our trip to the Classic City before Christmas. I didn’t realize that the restaurant had moved into a long-closed Amoco gas station. They even kept the old “torch and oval” sign! Continue reading “Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market, Athens GA”

Del Frisco’s Grille, Atlanta GA

Some restaurants in Atlanta just steadfastly stay off my radar, even after I’ve read about them. I think there are just so many of them that, even enjoying this hobby, I don’t quite catch everything. That seems to be what happened with Del Frisco’s Grille, which opened in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood three years ago. It’s in a very neat location on Peachtree, with Atlanta’s only double-decker patio, facing Peachtree, kind of between Lenox Square and Capital Cities Plaza. Once upon a time, I worked for a company whose larger offices were in Capital Cities. Del Frisco’s might have been outside my everyday lunch budget, but I’m sure I would have enjoyed coming here with co-workers for an occasional treat. Continue reading “Del Frisco’s Grille, Atlanta GA”